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The Man in the High Castle

We watched the final episode of Series 2 of The Man in the High Castle last night and while perhaps a bit wiser as to what was going on, we still struggled.

At the end of Series 1 we were utterly confused as Nobusuke Tagomi (the Trade Minister of the Pacific States of America) emerged from meditation into an alternative world, the world that we all recognise, as distinct from the dystopian world in which the Greater Nazi Reich and the Japanese Pacific States have prevailed.

Series 2 expands on this parallelism between what actually happened after World War II and the alternative history presented by the story, with some people seeming to be able to move between the two, much to their own confusion as well as to the confusion of some of us who are trying to follow the plot. It turns out that Juliana Crain is pivotal in deciding the future of the world as she has been identified by the Man in the High Castle as being a consistent and predictable presence in both 'worlds', while Nobusuke Tagomi is equally important in bringing evidence from 'our' world into the Nazi/Japanese alternative, evidence that prevents mass nuclear annihilation at the hands of the deranged Reichsminister Martin Heusmann. The plot is, of course, far more complicated than this brief analysis suggests.

The Man in the High Castle has been a superb production that rivals any high-grossing movie while benefiting from the extra length that is possible with TV series. The fact that it makes you think only adds to its appeal. A lot of loose ends were tied up by Series 2 but I felt that there was still room for plot development and the rumours suggest that Series 3 has been commissioned.

The Man in the High Castle

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