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Redesigned Film Search page

I've redesigned the alphabetical listing for my film reviews using modal pop-ups to replace the previous show/reveal arrangement.

There is now a full alphabetical selection rather than groups of letters, each letter linking to a pop-up window displaying associated film titles.

The film titles themselves are not linked to the associated reviews, but it is straightforward to find a review by entering a relevant word from the film title into the search facility.

Film Search

I hope everybody finds this to be an improvement.

My 'Kilburnlad in Retirement' blog has closed

In 2008, when I retired, I started a blog on the Blogger platform. It was to be a record of what I got up to with my new-found freedom. At one point it became very eclectic but over time it ended up being almost entirely dedicated to film reviews. In October 2016 I decided to stop posting to it, and I migrated the film reviews to this site, where my fishing diary had moved previously, and where my more recent golf diary is based. Put simply, was to become my web presence.

I left the Blogger site frozen at October 2016 but did set up some feeds from this site, namely this blog, the fishing diary and the film reviews. I was reluctant to delete the Retirement blog as it contained some nostalgic posts, and so things have remained. But the time has now come to say goodbye to what is now a little-viewed blog. To ease my 'loss' I researched the possibility of archiving the content. Blogger allows you to download a backup in the form of an XML file, but in its raw form it's quite intractable. I looked to see if there was any way to open the file in a viewable form, but drew a blank. But there were other options.

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DDoS episode over? Let's hope so

Following my previous post the DDoS situation deteriorated. What started on Monday evening wasn't over for me until the early hours of this Friday morning. It seems that initial attempts by the hosting company to move data to another server didn't deter the DDoS. It decided, therefore, to bring forward a planned migration of the data to a new data store, which was originally due to happen later this month. While this was all going on this Kilburnlad site was effectively down, as were others I manage. If you tried to visit the site you probably received an error message, although there were brief periods when it was functioning in between the various attempts to resolve the issue.

Such a long interruption to web hosting services is very rare and I'm sorry if this caused any confusion when trying to follow links to me from other sites. We're now in a settling down period and let's hope that with the data now moved to an upgraded server things will be more robust going forward.

Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) on host server

Apologies to anybody visiting or my old blog on Google Blogger yesterday evening, as you will undoubtedly either have been met with no response, or an error message. My hosting company suffered a DDoS attack on the server that hosts my sites. This is the first time that this has happened since I signed up with them in 2010 and, of course, it was hardly their fault if some miscreants decided to bring down the server. Fingers crossed that this won't happen again.

Adding a Facebook share button to the RapidWeaver native blog page

As I've explained previously, my blog is now on my personal website. By using the Armadillo stack in RapidWeaver not only can I post to the blog from any browser, but a facility exists to add a facebook share button to each blog post. However, I am running three other blog pages on this site, for cinema reviews, my golf diary and my fishing diary. Transferring these into Armadillo was not feasible without some sort of automated option, which isn't available. So these three 'blogs' remain as native RapidWeaver blog pages.

I thought it would be nice to add a facebook share button to each post in these blogs and set about trying to do this. My efforts weren't rewarded. The facebook developer pages allow you to generate code for the placement of a share button, involving three code snippets: one to be placed in the page's Head section, one in the Body section, and the third where you want the share button to appear. Having negotiated the difference between meta name tags and open graph meta tags, the latter being required by the facebook code, it soon became clear that the native RapidWeaver blog page applies the same Head and Body code to all the posts, because in effect the posts are sub-sections of one large page. This being the case it seemed to be impossible to generate a unique share button for each post. Well, that is the conclusion that I eventually came to.

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New Blog

You may have arrived here from my Google Blogger page, Kilburnlad in Retirement. That blog was set up when I retired, as a way of keeping friends and colleagues up to date on how retirement was panning out. That was in 2008, and I don't think many of those people still visit it, if for no other reason than with the advent of Facebook such a blog isn't really necessary. In recent times it's become almost exclusively a collection of my film reviews, with the occasional technical tidbit for good measure.

The time has come, therefore, to review whether I want to keep the Google blog going, and after a month or so's consideration (thus the lack of postings there), I've decided to put it in suspension. That's to say, I won't be posting to it any longer, but will leave it there for posterity.

This page, here at, will now be my blog, which will keep you up to date with what I've added to the site and anything else I feel is worth adding. Meanwhile, I have somewhat laboriously transferred all the film reviews from Blogger to this site, under the Cinema tab. I've also created, again somewhat laboriously, a Film Listing page from where you can link to any single review, and a Reviews page, that is basically a blog of the transferred reviews.

In due course, I hope to create a photo gallery on this site, where I will display a selection of what I believe are the better photos I have taken.

So, watch this space, as they say.

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