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New gas boiler

We had the boiler changed today by British Gas. It brought the date forward a day and everything went very smoothly, in spite of it raining for most of the day. The parts were delivered by a plumbing suppliers at 07:45 and the fitters arrived at 08:10. The only slight hiccup was a missing bypass valve, but one of them popped around to Travis Perkins and bought one.

The unit was a direct replacement so that part was reasonably straightforward, but being a condensing boiler (Worcester Bosch Greenstar) there was a need to fit discharge piping, and as there wasn't a main drain connection near a small lime-chipping filled soak-away had to be dug. We also had the radiator system flushed. And the icing on the cake was the Hive control system, thrown in for 'free' as part of the quote, although I accept that British Gas probably charge more than most anyway.

The work went very smoothly with everything on the gas side of things being completed by about 14:00. The electrician arrived shortly afterwards and fitted the Hive system. A small unit plugs into the router, a Hive thermostat is installed to replace what you have, and another Hive unit replaces the programmer. They all communicate through WiFi. The system can be programmed from the thermostat, or more easily through your web browser, having set up an account and registered the devices. A smartphone app allows you to communicate with the system from your phone, so you can switch the heating on or boost the water on your return from a trip, so it's all nice and warm when you get home. Hive also market other devices, such as lamps, sockets, a camera and door and window security fittings.

Hive units

And there is one other device, referred to as Boiler IQ, a revolutionary new technology developed in partnership with Worcester Bosch for British Gas. It basically monitors the boiler and lets British Gas know if there is a problem before you have perhaps realised anything is wrong. This becomes a £3/month subscription service after the first year.

All in all we're very pleased with the new installation and must praise British Gas and its fitters. Things went smoothly from the moment we accepted the quote until everything was switched on today.


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