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The trials and tribulations of self-publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing - the paperback story

I have written a book. It took me a while, and over the past few weeks I have been negotiating Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing system to get my book to market. Amazon seemed the best place to go, given its reach in the marketplace and the maturity of the publishing framework. There is copious advice on all stages of the process, which in the case of a printed book requires a properly configured Word or PDF file. You also need a cover and back cover, for which you can choose from templates or design your own. I did the latter, using an outline template to ensure correct positioning of all the elements. Fiddly but achievable in my Photoshop Elements application.

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CropSize - image editing app

These days I tend not to travel with my Apple MacBook and instead try to do everything on my iPad. This has limitations but I've worked around most of them. However, one thing I hadn't been able to do was resize images, as even the popular Snapseed app doesn't offer this option. I've now found CropSize, which offers resizing, cropping and effects. There were no reviews at the App Store so I took a gamble and paid my £3.99.

This app is really well presented and offers great flexibility with intuitive and novel controls. There are both preset and custom resizing and cropping options, while the effects can be selected from thumbnails with each having slide of switch controls.

It's worth a try if you need to edit images on an iPad.

CropSize - Photo Resize & Crop to Exact Image Size by Khutarshchykau A



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