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Microsoft encounter! - Installed Office 2016

With Microsoft discontinuing support for Mac Office 2011, and suggestions that there may be problems with it should I upgrade to High Sierra, I took the plunge and bought Mac Office 2016. John Lewis were doing a £20 discount and I had some JL vouchers.

Office setup web page

The first surprise, which shouldn't have been if I had read the product details fully, was that all I got was a pretty little box with a product key card inside. I would have preferred a disc. The instructions read that I should go to This landed me on a web page that appeared very unlike what I would expect from Microsoft. Talk about Web 1, it looked like something a first time web builder would have knocked up. Totally misleading as to what one was supposed to do, and raising suspicions in my mind that it wasn't a site where I was going to enter my expensive product code.

After a bit of browsing I navigated to a much more official looking Microsoft site, where I was asked to open an account. So here we go, I've just paid good money for a product and I must open an account to get past go. Having done that MS emailed me to verify my email address, then I had to negotiate a captcha code, and finally I got to entering my product key. A file downloaded into my downloads folder. I opened it but nothing seemed to be happening. But then I noticed the download progress bar on the Safari menu bar. After a while an installer package appeared in the downloads folder and this launched the familiar (Mac) Office installation dialogue.

Everything installed, I opened Excel and was presented with the next hoop to jump through. I needed to sign in using the account details I had generated earlier. This done, I was ready to use the software. Why do Microsoft make software installation so complicated? What a performance.

I haven't started to play with the new ribbon layout yet, although it appears pretty much unchanged content wise. In keeping with recent trends the icons on the ribbons appear 'flatter', exhibiting a 'button' relief only when you hover over them. I think I may prefer the 2011 look, but no doubt I shall get used to the new one after a while. You can keep the previous version on the Mac; a fall-back if I really struggle! It may be imagination but it feels as if the individual applications open more slowly.

I'm really pleased that the only time I need to deal with Microsoft is in respect of the Office software.

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