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Tesco mail service closing - nightmare!

I've had a Tesco email account for what seems forever, and I use it for all my online registrations and many other contacts. So when I received a message that the service is to close on 27 June this year my heart sunk. I have subsequently spent many hours going through all my login items in my password manager, visiting the sites concerned, and changing the contact email.

Tesco mail closing

What I found amazing was the difference in trying to achieve this on the various sites. From simply just changing the address, to needing to phone up and organise it verbally (John Lewis!). In between these extremes there were various shades of complexity, from the fairly common need to verify the new address after setting it up, through to needing to add a new address and then delete the original, changing the 'primary' address in the process, or needing to send an email requesting the change. In some cases just finding where on the site you needed to navigate to was a challenge in itself.

While doing all this I was prompted for a Flash update one site, and with my attention distracted by the main job in hand, I fell for a malware download very convincingly masquerading as Flash. This infected all my browsers and rather than trying to clean the files out, I opted to revert the whole computer back a few hours using Time Machine. This cleaned things up, but it took a good couple of hours, and I think I might have lost some archived emails as I tried to work out which of the hundreds of 'Recovered Files' in Mail were indeed recovered, and which were just duplicates of what I already had. I also had to backtrack through the password items I had already updated in my password manager, changing again the login email address. My Apple ID brought with it further complications as the various devices prompted for the Apple password, while still quoting the Tesco email address even though I had changed it. Things have finally settled down but I had to play around a bit to get all my local files back into the iBook application, eventually enabling iCloud storage for iBook to synchronise all devices.

All the password related items are now done, with many deleted as I carried out a bit of housekeeping as I went through the list. Now I need to deal with mailing list items where there are no sign in requirements, and finally all the personal contacts to whom I've given the address over the years. A laborious and very unrewarding exercise that I could well have done without.

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