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High power Halogen lamp converted to LED

Many moons ago we bought a touch-enabled side light that looked great but was an ongoing source of annoyance.


The first problem was the failure of the control electronics. I sourced a replacement component (Thyristor or similar) from China and repaired it. That didn't last long, so next time I bought a complete control module. But that also failed after a while. I subsequently suspected that the signal-over-mains network extender was conflicting with the control electronics, but have no proof of this.

Fed up with ongoing failures I wired out the control and added an inline power switch, thus converting the lamp to a single setting maximum power device.

But the 100W halogen elements also proved to be fairly short lived, besides being extravagantly power hungry in these days of low energy lighting. LED alternatives were available but were either too bulky or received poor reliability reports. So for ages the lamp sat as an ornament in the corner.

As it was always more of a feature than a necessary light source I recently decided to modify it to take a low energy candle bulb. So for a few pounds I bought a metal pendant lamp holder and with a bit of ingenuity installed it in place of the tungsten fitting. It works and although the luminosity is obviously far less than the tungsten fitting, I have reduced the power from 100W to 3.5W. So as a feature in the corner it's no longer racking up energy consumption. I must say that I am quite pleased with the outcome.

Lamp new fitting

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