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No more full reviews

I have written my last full review.

Analytics suggest that there are very few visits to these reviews and as I have produced them to help people decide whether or not to see a film, the fact that hardly anybody is looking at them sort of defeats the purpose. I post a notice of each review to Twitter and while some 80 -100+ people view each Tweet, typically no more than one or two actually interact with it and visit this site.

I get some pleasure from blogging, and writing in general, but at the end of the day if one is only talking to oneself there isn't much point.

A further factor is that I have become involved in quite a few things of late, to the extent that everything got a bit too much at the end of last year and I went down with shingles. I took this as a wake-up call to de-stress a bit, and discontinuing these reviews is one little step towards this, as it's one less thing to do.

I shall continue reviewing French films and these can be read on my French at 60 website.

It's been a good run, eight years of a wide range of films, 338 in total. I shall of course continue to go to the cinema and will post details of the films, by way a diary, with just brief comments. There are dozens of professional reviews out there should you want to get a more detailed viewpoint.

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