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Dallas Buyers Club

Today's we saw Dallas Buyers Club. Another film that has been 'based on a true story'.

It is set in a time when AIDS was a relatively new phenomenon. When people thought they could be HIV infected by simple being close to an infected person. It stars Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof, a solidly heterosexual cowboy who refuses to accept the fact that he will soon die as a result of contacting the virus.

The pharmaceutical industry was keen to turn the AIDS disaster to its advantage (nothing has changed) and this, combined with the reluctance of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve alternative treatments, left people with little hope.

Woodroof, having been pulled back from the brink, starts importing unapproved drugs that are more effective than the AZT drug under official trials. To try to get around the law he sets up a buyers club, whereby members on paying a monthly subscription get medication free, but don't technically buy it. Obviously the FDA weren't supportive.

Woodroof was far from a saint, and he was making money from the enterprise. But as time passes his hard-line homophobic feelings are challenged, and his outlook changes dramatically.

I really enjoyed this film. It shows how people who were largely ostracised by society fought to stay alive, although unfortunately many stood little chance. McConaughey is brilliant and must be in with a shot for an Oscar, while Jared Leto who plays Rayon, Woodroof's unlikely business partner, was equally impressive. And these two guys must have starved to get themselves 'into shape' for this film. Dedication indeed.

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