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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

It's a while now since I went to the cinema but Wednesday we saw the second Jack Reacher film with Tom Cruise. The reviews aren't good, citing silliness and preposterousness, to name but two. Well, such adjectives can easily be applied to the vast majority of films that reach our screens these days, so what's new?

We start with the scene that has featured on shows that have previewed this film. Reacher, sitting in a diner, has taken down a group of bad guys involved in people smuggling and the local sheriff arrives threatening to put Jack away for a long time. Cue a phone ringing and military police cars screaming to a halt outside, with the sheriff now in cuffs and being taken away.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

This opening is nothing more than a cameo leading in to the main story, which starts when Reacher contacts Major Susan Turner (who it seems took over his post in the army) after his little fracas in the diner. They flirt over the phone and arrange to meet, but when Reacher arrives at her office he finds that she has been arrested on a charge of espionage, which of course he doesn't believe. In pursuing the truth he soon finds that there is a wall of silence. The attorney representing Major Turner meets a sticky end after talking to him, and Reacher is then charged with the murder. A conspiracy is obviously afoot that all began after two of Major Turner's troops were murdered in Afghanistan. And she is now at risk, prompting Reacher to escape his own custody and take her with him.

The subplot is in the form of Samantha, a stroppy teen whose mother has lodged a paternity suit against Reacher. The girl soon becomes a vulnerable target for those who are after Reacher and Turner, and so the three embark on a cat and mouse game while trying to uncover the conspiracy that set everything in motion.

There is a lot of action along the way. There's the obligatory highly trained assassin who's leading the chase, there are the henchmen that Reacher deals without too much trouble, and there are the stunts that I assume Cruise did himself, as is his usual practice. And, there's an awful lot of running!

It may be formulaic, and a bit preposterous at times, but I found this film enjoyable. The rebellious teen Samantha adds a human dimension to Reacher's otherwise tough persona, while Cobie Smulders as Major Susan Turner looks absolutely fantastic in uniform, and not too bad in fatigues either.


Major Susan Turner

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