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We saw Legend today, the story of the Kray twins. An interesting if at times brutal biopic. Tom Hardy plays both Ronnie and Reggie Kray, very impressively in my view.


The East End of London of the 60s is nicely portrayed, the film starting with Reggie taking tea out to two coppers who are sitting in a Ford watching the house. Taking tea and taking the piss.

The story is related by Frances Shea, Reggie's eventual girlfriend, who tries in vain to get him to 'go straight'. This not only ends in failure, but also in tragedy.

While Reggie is mean, Ronnie is mentally deranged. The story throughout is that of Reggie trying to keep his brother in check, largely unsuccessfully. It seems that their dominance was for a time almost absolute. They were for a while literally untouchable. But Ronnie eventually oversteps the mark by murdering a rival, causing the police to reopen investigations that were previously dropped because of political pressure - Ronnie Kray having implicated senior political figures into his activities.

Everything starts to unwind. Frances breaks up with Reggie leading him to realise how important she was to his life. But the damage had been done. Meanwhile Ronnie makes another catastrophic move that leads to a member of the gang informing against them, at which point all was lost. Reggie, distraught over Frances, puts the final nail in their coffin.

It was nice to see and hear Duffy playing Timi Yuro, a name I wasn't until now familiar with. Duffy seems to have disappeared from the popular music scene after her initial rapid rise to fame but in this film she certainly does a fine job.

Reviews have been luke warm, although there's rightly been praise for Tom Hardy's performances. Of course I remember the 60s, so there was a bit of nostalgia in terms of the settings and the cars of the day. I also remember the Kray affair on the news but was really too young to take much interest.

In short, I'm glad I went to see the film.

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