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My Old Lady

We went to see 'My Old Lady' this week. Perhaps not a film for everybody but I found it entertaining.

My Old Lady

It is set in Paris and having spent April in Paris last year and this, it certainly brought back some memories. The story revolves around 'un viager', a quaint French idiosyncrasy whereby one can buy a property with a sitting tenant at significantly reduced cost, the rub being that you, the now owner, have to pay the tenant a monthly amount up until their death.

Mathias (Kevin Kline) has inherited such a property, but unfortunately he hadn't acquainted himself with the concept of le viager, and was expecting to sell up and make a small fortune. Mathilde Girard (the Old Lady played by Maggie Smith) is 92 but expected to live a lot longer. So Mathias, who's broke, finds himself in debt. Life then becomes even more complicated when Chloé Girard (Kristen Scott Thomas) appears on the scene, a feisty woman who doesn't take to Mathias.

But Paris does strange things to people and as the plot progresses Mathias finds that many of the disappointments in his life have their root in the apartment.

I would say there's a fairly strong French influence, it being a co-production involving French companies as well as the BBC. Well acted and with a Parisian backdrop, what's not to like?

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