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The Rhythm Section

The Rhythm Section

I think it's fair to say that this film hasn't been that well received, the Rotten Tomatoes critics being particularly scathing. The normally stunning Blake Lively gets dirty as Stephanie, a young woman who's fallen into drugs and prostitution seemingly to punish herself for the loss of her family in a plane crash. When a reporter confronts her as a 'client', only to tell her that her family's plane was in fact brought down by a bomb, this sets her on a path of retribution. Aided by Jude Law as Ian Boyd, B, an ex-MI6 officer, against all the odds she hones herself into a trained, if a still a bit naive, assassin.

As with all such films there is a need to stretch belief a bit, but that said there is some impressive action, including brutal fight scenes and a scary car chase filmed entirely from within the car, making it feel very realistic and unstaged. If you're happy with a spoiler check out director Reed Morano narrating this sequence. Stephanie finds out that cold-blooded killing is more difficult than she thought and so places herself in danger, but as the awfulness of those she's pursuing starts to sink in, she hardens herself to the task.

Guardian review
Rotten Tomatoes: Critics 27%: Audiences 43%

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