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Lakeside Lodge - Church Course - 18/04/16

The main course was busy today. We had no problem playing on it over the winter but now the weather has improved slightly a new cohort of golfers are out and about. We decided, therefore, to play the Church Course, a 6-hole course that's due to close later this year. In the past I've used this course as a practice area, as it's not all that popular with the 'serious' golfers.

Today, however, our decision was a mistake. With all the rain we've had recently the course was effectively waterlogged. The rough was impossible and the fairway grass was ridiculously long, making any kind of shot a bit of a lottery. And the greens were more like the surrounding aprons, needing a fairly bold putt to get anywhere. In such conditions practice is almost pointless, as you're playing in conditions that you would hope never to meet in a normal game.

My drive on the 1st ended up in long grass to the left of the fairway, from where I dug out the ball with a hybrid, only to end up in long grass again. A 7-iron attempt to extract myself failed, but the second attempt was better. My next 9-iron was short and then I thinned the gap wedge to the far side of the green. Back on with my 7-iron and two putts for a 9. Certainly my worse score ever on this hole.

The tee for the 2nd has been moved and the new temporary tee location was unbelievable. Trying to find a level piece of ground was impossible between tufts of grass and mud. I managed a decent hybrid shot but it drifted right. I pitched on with my 9-iron and two-putted for a 4.

I teed off on the 3rd with my 5-wood as I wanted to practice with different tee heights. At just under 140 yards it was a fair shot and the next hybrid added another 132 yards, but landed in heavy rough. I dug it out with an 8-iron and then put a 9-iron just on the green, followed by two putts for a 6.

The 4th didn't go well. The drive yet again landed in the rough and my first attempt with a hybrid to extract it was a non-shot. A repeat attempt got me all of 40 yards and then I overplayed the next hybrid, the ball rolling up the slope at the back of the green and dropping into the lake. I recovered it and took a penalty drop, then played a pitch and run with my 7-iron onto the green, and two putted for an 8.

The 5th is 110 yards over a lake. I put my 27 degree hybrid on the green and two-putted for a par. A small success during an otherwise depressing round.

Yet again the drive ended up in the horrendous rough on the 6th. Yet again a non-shot on my first attempt to get out. Two more iron shots to get on the green and two putts for a 6.

I was glad it was over. We could have gone around again but I couldn't face it.

No scorecard or images today as there really wasn't anything worth reporting.

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