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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 01/08/16

Fresh from relative success at Corby, today I first spent a while on the driving range to try to sort out the dreaded 9-iron shank that possibly cost me a winning score last Friday. I think I made a bit of progress as although I only took 20 balls, by the end I was managing to hit the gap wedge through to the 7-iron reasonably straight. It was a matter of coming through closer to my body, with less of an out-swing on the club. Difficult to describe but I know what I mean.

The 1st started as it often does, with me going left into the trees. I tickled the ball out through the trees gaining very little distance. I then hit a lovely couple of hybrids to get me pin high off the right of the green for 4. A 7-iron chip-and-run went in, giving me a par 5, nett birdie 4. A good start considering the short clearance from the trees.

I took a 23 degree hybrid on the 2nd to ensure accuracy, and it worked. At 157 yards it wasn't much shorter than a drive, but all importantly it was mid fairway. The next hybrid scuttled along the ground, being poorly hit, but nevertheless almost reached the green. A gap wedge chip and two putts for 5, a nett par.

On the 3rd, emboldened by my success with irons on the range, I took an 8-iron to lay up short of the dreaded bunker that protects half of this green. I shanked it off the tee. As we thought the ball had gone out of bounds I took a provisional, reverting to a 20 degree hybrid, that reached the right of the green. In fact my first ball was just in, laying in longish grass with trees between me and the green. A lofted 8-iron cleared the lot, the ball landing next to my provisional by the green. The 7-iron chip was short needing two putts to finish for a 5, nett bogie.

The 4th was my only real disaster. It started well with a drive of 194 yards. My hybrid shot then went right into the trees, from where I played my 20 degree hybrid to try to keep the ball low under branches as I played out. I was a bit lucky with this clearance as it ran up to within a few yards of the green, on the left. I then fluffed a gap wedge shot and reverted to my 7-iron to chip on. The chip wasn't that accurate leaving a long putt, and I proceeded to take three putts for an 8, after being no more than 10 yards from the green for 3. So a nett double bogey.

My hybrid tee shot on the 5th was short, but fortunately avoided the two bunkers. I chipped on with the gap wedge and two-putted for 4, a nett par.

As is often the case I put my drive on the 6th at the bottom of the bank to the left. I tried to muscle it out with a hybrid but it only went about 50 yards. I then put an 8-iron on the green and two-putted for 5, a nett par.

A good drive on the 7th drifted right and ended up in the dry ditch, from where I took a penalty drop. I lofted a 9-iron over the not insubstantial trees that were in front of me and then hit a long 5-wood (163 yards) to the right edge of the green. A 7-iron and one putt for 5 strokes, but the penalty made it 6, a nett par.

The best drive of the day on the 8th, 180 yards. The following 5-wood wasn't clean but a good hybrid then put me on the green for 3. The pin was at the far side of the green and in the end I needed 3 putts for a 6, another nett par.

I took a hybrid off the tee for the 9th, this taking the lake out of play. Two good 5-woods, both over 150 yards, then put me only 20 yards from the green. A 7-iron and two putts for 6 gave me a nett par.

Hole 9 - 01 August 2016

In the end it was 50 strokes and 16 points, which really isn't bad. The 4th obviously ruined what would have been a round to handicap, but other than that I was generally pleased with how I played. I was actually feeling a bit under the weather and today I'm a bit worse, so I was probably cooking something while out on the course.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard

Scorecard - 01 August 2016

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