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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 01/12/16

Another cold day but not as bad as yesterday, which was well below zero. For some reason they put us on temporary greens, which means smallish areas on the final approach to each green that are definitely not greens. If I had known beforehand I wouldn't have played, as putting becomes a game of chance.

Course photo - 01 December 2016

My Game Golf system is completely confused by the temporary greens, recording a round of 51 with zero putts! My score, however, was actually quite good compared with recent rounds, and I actually took 15 putts, which in the circumstances was very acceptable.

There's not much point in giving a blow by blow account but I persevered with my 3-wood off the tee and except for a fluffed shot on the 8th this club didn't get me into any real trouble. It has certainly pushed up my tee shot distances compared with the hybrid that I was using previously.
On the 2nd I chipped in for 3, which didn't do my stats any harm, earning me 4 points. I had a bit of luck on the 4th. My third shot that was heading for out of bounds on the right rebounded off a tree back to the centre of the fairway. I only blobbed one hole, the 6th, which was down to a missed short putt, a consequence of the unpredictable temporary green.

On the 8th, after a poor tee shot I managed to recover with two good hybrids leaving me what should have been one chip and one or two putts. In fact I took 4 to finish for a nett bogey 7.

The 9th was the worst hole. After a clean tee shot I sent the next hybrid shot along the ground, and then with the same club repeated myself, this time ending up in a bunker. A 9-iron out sideways and then yet another fluffed hybrid. I now needed to pitch over trees, which fortunately I managed, finishing with a 7-iron and one putt for a nett bogey 8, as I now get two shots on this hole after my handicap increase.

Considering that the temporary greens if anything made things more difficult, my round of 51 with 15 putts wasn't too bad. If I hadn't made a mess of the 9th I could have actually played to my new handicap.

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