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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 01/02/16

Another round spoiled by silly mistakes, although the weather didn't help. The wind was gusting and towards the end of the round became consistently strong, requiring that shots needed to be played with allowance for wind drift. I got all the tee shots away, not always quite how I would have liked, but there were no complete failures. This is more than can be said for some of the approach shots, the worst being a fairway hybrid shot that I attempted to drive into the ground, but which actually ended up a couple of feet behind where it started!

The 1st hole wasn't bad until I four-putted for a gross 9. The heavily spiked green was a lot faster than I had allowed for, although having sailed past the pin with my chip and run, I really shouldn't have gone so far past on the return putt.

At the 2nd, conscious of the strong left to right wind, and the water filled ditch on the right, I aimed left and went into the conifer that's there to trap such shots. The ball fell down underneath the tree, a back-hand flip with the 7 iron being all I could do. However, the next shot was good and a chip and one putt gave me a gross 5.

I went in the bunker on the 3rd and took two to get out, and still wasn't on the green. A gross 5 wasn't, therefore, a bad outcome.

After a reasonable start on the tricky 4th I put the third shot on the bank on the right, among the trees. There wasn't a clean line to the green so my fourth shot ended up short and to the left. The 'chip and run' ran too far, ending up on the fringe at the other side of the green. An off green putt from there was underplayed, and two putts left me with a gross 8.

I parred the 5th and was only inches short of a birdie - enough said!

The 6th was marred by that terrible fairway shot, that didn't go anywhere, so a gross 6 wasn't a bad result.

On the 7th I was just off the right of the green for three, which in the conditions was quite an achievement. However, my chip and run was weak, leaving me with two putts for a gross 6 (nett par on this hole).

A couple of mediocre fairway shots on the 8th meant that I was still short of the green for four. A chip and two putts gave me a gross 7, although I only just missed a 6 with the second putt.

And so we moved onto to the unforgiving 9th. I was doing well until my third shot swung round in the wind and ended up on the right-hand bank among the trees. I had a clear approach shot to the green but playing off sloping banks isn't my strong point (what is, you may ask) and I shanked it right, but fortunately it was not in any trouble. The next shot should have been on the green, but it wasn't, so another chip was needed. Two putts then left me with a gross 8, an inglorious finish to a very mediocre performance.

The wind was, however, very bad, and while the outcome wasn't great, I was never in any real trouble, and didn't lose a ball, so there were some positive elements to take from the game. My friend Bob, who normally scores in the low to mid 40s, finished on 51, so I suppose conditions couldn't have been that great.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 01 February 2016

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