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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 01/02/18

Today offered up a brief respite from the seemingly endless rain this winter, the temperature having dropped accentuated by a 20 mph cold wind. Hardly ideal, especially as the ground was still pretty soft. Thankfully the greens were open but we did have to play off mats, positioned forward of the normal tee boxes. Making the right tee peg choice was sometimes difficult, with the rubber inserts positioned at different depths in the mats, thus either decreasing or increasing the height of whatever tee you would normally use.

A good drive on the 1st was promptly wasted as I was high on the ball with my 4-iron, gaining me less than 60 yards. I then pulled the next 4-iron shot sending the ball through the trees to the left. It fortunately found its way through without impact, leaving me an awkward shot to the green that was obstructed by a high tree. I opted to steer right of the tree, meaning that the ball dropped to the right and short of of the green, and it was plugged. I took a free drop and pitched on, then put in a long putt for a nett par 6. Quite amazing considering the chequered approach.

Another bit of luck on the 2nd, where a very long (wind assisted) drive found the water-filled ditch. The ball had landed at a spot where a mat of twigs and debris had formed near a drainage pipe outlet, allowing me to pick the ball off. Anywhere else in that ditch the ball would have been lost. After a penalty drop my 8-iron went too far right and I was lucky not to find the bunker. The pitch was thinned, leaving me a long putt back, which was good but needed a tap in for a nett bogey 6.

I took my hybrid on the 3rd but looked up, topping the ball, which went less than 10 yards! I took the same hybrid, which was laziness in long grass, and pushed the ball right, leaving my approach to the green obstructed by a tree. Playing to the left of it I found the bunker. I cleared quite well but needed two putts for a nett bogey 6. A sliced drive on the 4th left me under conifer branches. An inelegant hack out put me back on the fairway, and an 8-iron left me with a pitch to the green, which I made. Unfortunately after that recovery I three-putted for a nett bogey 7.

The 5th was depressing. A hybrid off the mat was followed by a pitch on that was well short of the pin. A reasonably judged putt nevertheless overran, leaving me a downhill putt on what is a tricky contoured green. Despite only giving the ball a light tap it again overran, then I missed the next putt back, finally getting down with four putts for a blobbed 6. The 6th was spoiled by a fluffed pitch, following a drive and an approach shot had left me with what should have been an easy pitch on. As it was I needed two, and then two putts for a nett bogey 6.

A reasonable drive on the 7th left me needing to loft over trees situated at the point of the dogleg. I messed up the shot and only pushed the ball about ten yards, but fortunately leaving a clearer next shot. My next two irons were hardly inspiring, and then my pitch was just short of the green. I putted on and then two-putted for a blobbed 8.

At this stage I realised that I had been leaning forward when taking my iron shots. This was something I had started to do some time ago to try to compensate for my tendency to 'fall' backwards when taking a shot, a defence mechanism I think to protect my back. I corrected it last year but, with a longish break from playing, I had dropped back into the habit. So on the 8th, after a reasonable drive, I concentrated on an upright stance for the next two 4-irons, and the outcome was very reassuring. In fact I was pin high in 3, quite an achievement on this long (440 yard) par 4. Although I was pin high, I wasn't on the green, but a short chip and one putt gave me a nett birdie 5. That felt good.

Sticking with the upright stance on the 9th, although following the drive my two 4-irons weren't quite as good, probably because of the 20mph headwind, the next slightly thinned 8-iron made the green for 4. A long putt then touched the edge of the hole but didn't fall, robbing me of a par. But a nett par 6 was more than acceptable.

This was another patchy round but perhaps correcting the stance may set me up for a better round next time. My putting wasn't great, which didn't help, but the greens had been spiked for drainage, making accurate putting difficult. In the end it was a 56 with 19 putts and 11 points. About average to be honest for my current game.

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Scorecard - 01 February 2018

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