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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 01/11/16

The first day of November and we teed off in drizzle and gloom. Fortunately the drizzle fizzled out by the end of the 1st hole and the sky brightened somewhat. There was also a gusty wind that affected some holes.

The 1st didn't go too badly. My hybrid tee shot was to the left and unfortunately kicked abruptly left on landing, leaving me of the wrong side of the path. The lie wasn't bad and I cleared with a hybrid to just off the right of the fairway. The next shot also kept right but I was able to hit the fourth to the green, albeit a long way from the pin which was at the other end. Despite a firm putt it was well short and I needed another two for a nett bogey 7.
Hole 2 - 01 November 2016
My tee shot on the 2nd veered right ending up just off the path. The next shot was good but too far left, catching trees and landing in open rough. A good lofted 9-iron put me on the green and I took a single putt for a nett birdie 4.

My tee shot the 3rd was length perfect but went right into the bunker. The sand looked more like concrete so I took the gap wedge. My first attempt didn't clear, the second being much better, leaving me a long but gettable putt. Unfortunately I needed two for a nett bogey 5.

The 4th was a disaster, my maxim that if it starts bad it will continue so being more than substantiated. I topped the tee shot that went only 50 yards. The recovery shot was good but the following hybrid drifted right, probably assisted by the cross-wind, and ended up inches from the out of bounds fence within the trees. There was a thick carpet of leaves and my first attempt to get out went only 20 yards, the second being worse and third finally getting me back on the fairway for 6. My 8-iron didn't quite make the green and I chipped on with the 7-iron. I then proceeded to three-putt, giving me a grand total of 11. Any hope of a creditable round was thus extinguished.

I surprised myself with the tee shot on the 5th. Into the wind I hit the hybrid 160 yards, putting me left of the green but pin high. I needed to chip up over a bank, which I did with the gap wedge, but the ball caught the overhanging willow branches and dropped short of the green. I putted on and then single putted for a nett par 4.

The tee shot on the 6th wasn't long but the following shot, although thin, got me to within pitching distance, which I did with the 8-iron. I needed two putts for a nett par 5.

The 7th also went quite well. A reasonable tee shot followed by a long fairway shot left me about 100 yards from the pin, but with bunkers to pitch over. I hit a length-perfect 8-iron but too far left, the ball landing pin high off the left of the green. I chipped on with the gap wedge and sunk a single putt for a nett birdie 5. At this point I was cursing the melt-down on the 4th hole, since I had played all the other holes reasonably well. However, the 8th had some surprises in store.

I started the 8th well with a good tee shot and a reasonable second, but the third turned right and rolled into the bunker. Yet again I took two to get out and still needed to chip on. Now on 6, I three-putted for a 9, a nett triple bogey on this hole. The 4th and the 8th had cost me 20 shots between them!

The 9th can be a difficult hole and today I went left, to avoid the lake to the right, ending up on the path. I took a free drop and sent the next shot right to the edge of the fairway. From there my hybrid shot left me about 90 yards from the green in quite heavy rough. I surprised myself with a very good 9-iron that left me with an achievable par putt, something very unusual on this hole. I just missed the par and tapped in for a nett par 6, which in the wintery conditions was a really good outcome.

As just mentioned, the conditions were certainly more wintery today. The ground was heavy and it seemed as if the trees had dropped most of their leaves overnight, leaving thick beds of leaves should you stray in that direction. Although I wasn't always on the fairway, with the exception of the third shot on the 4th, I was never far from it. Bunkers on the 5th and 8th both cost me two shots. In the end I had 56 (of which 20 were on two holes!) and 14 Stableford points. Although regretting the 4th and 8th I didn't feel too bad considering the conditions and the fact I was playing in rain gear.

Game Golf scorecard

Scorecard - 01 November 2016

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