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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 01/10/18

After watching the highlights of the Ryder Cup (we haven't got Sky!) enthusiasm was high. We always think the next game is going to be The One, but this feeling is often magnified after watching the Pros at work. However, as is often the case, one's dreams rarely match reality.

Once again the weather was fine, although a cold wind necessitated a couple of extra layers. Here's the view looking back down the 7th fairway.

Hole 7 - 01 October 2018

I didn't start too badly. My drive and first hybrid shot were almost of equal distance, leaving me about 130 yards from the pin. I then put the next shot over the bank on the right and into the ditch. I tried playing out, but failed, so took a drop, from where I pitched on. I should have immediately taken the drop, as this would have saved a shot. Lesson learned. What was even more annoying was that I putted in, which would have been a 6 without the drop. As it was, it was a net bogey 7.

I went in the right-side ditch on the 2nd, the ball bouncing that way on landing. I dropped and then sent a hybrid shot wildly left, the ball ending up behind high laurel bushes. I was quite proud of my lofted pitch to the green, the ball just running off the far side. I then messed up a 7-iron 'putt', the long grass dulling the stroke. A putt on and two putts gave me a blobbed 8, with the penalty. I drove into the bunker on the 3rd, my thin clearance out taking me across the green, from where I pitched back on. A longish putt rescued a nett birdie 4.

My drive was short on the 4th, but a good hybrid added around 150 yards. My 8-iron 'safety shot' wasn't so safe, as I put the ball in the trees to the right. I had to come out sideways and then pitch on, but the pitch was short, needing another chip. Two putts totalled 8, for a blob. After a short hybrid tee shot on the 5th I put the next on the left of the green, but it ran off down the slope. I putted back on and two-putted for a nett bogey 5.

A good drive on the 6th left me an iron shot to the green, but I was off to the left. A gap wedge chip got me on, followed by two putts for a nett par 5. Having regained a bit of confidence the 7th was horrendous. After a good drive I sent a 3-wood left, then put my hybrid shot into a bunker. It took me three to get out, and then another pitch to get on the green for 7. Two putts left me with a 9.

The 8th was a little less dramatic. I made 330 yards after my drive and a hybrid shot, leaving me what should have been a straightforward pitch to the green. But I was short and to the left. The next pitch got me on and two putts gave me a nett par 6, but it should have been a 5. And so to the 9th, which didn't do anything to rebuild my confidence. My second shot found the fairway bunker, despite all of us being sure it had skipped past. At 102 yards my 8-iron out of the bunker wasn't too bad, but I then put a 7-iron shot into the trees. I took a drop, but the next shot was still short of the green. Finally getting on for 7, I two-putted for a blobbed 9.

With a total of 61 this must rate as one of my worse rounds recently. Perversely my fairway driving accuracy was 86%, clearly pointing a finger at my mid and short games as needing improvement. I had 17 putts but only 9 points. I did, however, take three penalties and was in three bunkers, all of which contributed to a pretty awful round.

Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 01 October 2018

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