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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 02/02/17

After a break of a couple of weeks I returned to the golf course today. I had hoped that some time away would expunge the bad memories of recent rounds and give me a fresh start. In reality nothing had changed and the round was again dispiriting. I don't propose to provide a full summary as most of it isn't worth recounting.

Yet again I found it difficult to maintain decent tee shots, which meant that I started a number of holes with my tee shot having been either ridiculously short or ending up in a poor lie. This in turn led to 'catch up' shots, which invariably go wrong as one tries to make good the awful start. I probably had no more than a handful of good shots today, which makes golf such a frustrating game. These 'good' shots show what you're capable of, but cannot be consistently reproduced. I was mulling over the fact today that if I had spent as much time on any other endeavour as I've spent on golf over the past six or so years, I would probably have a lot more to show for it.

They always say take the good things away from the game and forget the failures. Fine if they are reasonably evenly balanced, but when the good is such a small percentage of the whole it's not an easy philosophy to follow. So what was good? I putted well, with 15 putts overall and no three-putts. I hit two good hybrid shots, 170 yards off the tee on the 9th, before completely screwing up the hole with a final score of 11! The other was a 160 yard shot off the ground on the 7th. I also put a nicely placed 9-iron shot on the 7th green, playing over the bunker. In fact the 7th was probably my best hole, despite a poor tee shot. I also managed a nett par on the 6th. And that was about it. Not much to feel good about but I'll try.

Hole 7 - 02 February 2017

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