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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 02/07/18

The hot dry weather continues with the car external temperature gauge recording 30℃ when I got back after the round. The fairways are predominantly yellow and like concrete, but the greens and tee boxes benefit from watering so are still refreshingly green. I'm still carrying, with a reduced club set, and I am still using Helen's cast-off driver, which I repaired after the top of the shaft was snapped by an uncaring buggy driver. And today everything seemed to come together, a bit of luck here and there serving me up my best 9-hole score to date.

A 140 yard drive off the 1st tee was followed by two hybrid shots, each also around 140 yards. This put me about 30 yards out and a pitch on left me a putt for a par. I needed two, but it was still a nett par. Not a bad start. I aimed left off the 2nd tee but overdid it, the ball entering the upper branches of a high tree, and then dropping back into the rough below. But it was safe. My hybrid shot hit ground before the ball, sending the ball right towards the ditch. Fortunately it didn't reach and I was able to play an 8-iron onto the green. Two putts for a nett par 5, giving me two nett pars in succession.

My drive on the 3rd didn't make the green but was straight and left me a easy pitch on. One putt for a par, and a nett eagle as I get two shots on this hole, which quite frankly is ridiculous. The 4th has often been my nemesis but today the golf gods were with me. The drive was good at around 160 yards. I then slightly miss-hit my hybrid, but the end result was perfect. The ball initially went left but arced around to end up in the middle of the narrow gap between the lake and the trees. Not wishing to risk a pulled iron shot (into the lake) I took my 27 degree hybrid and put the ball pin high on the green for 3, a very rare event indeed. I've only ever parred this hole once and then it was from a lucky chip on that rolled in. This time the putt was challenging, but I went for it and it just managed to roll in off the side of the hole. A par 4 and another nett eagle.

Things were obviously going too well, so the mini-disaster on the 5th was probably to be expected. I used my 23 degree hybrid and put the ball on the green, but far to the right with the pin being far left on this wide and undulating green. I was putting uphill and the green had been watered, slowing it somewhat. With a fall-off beyond the pin I didn't want to overdo it, and instead I was too reticent. The ball only got two-thirds of the way to the hole. I then was too strong with the following putt, the ball rolling down the drop-off and leaving me a challenging putt back, which I missed. In the end it was four putts for a nett bogey 4 after being on the green for one!

Following a reasonable drive on the 6th the hybrid shot was sliced sending the ball towards the bunker to the right of the green. Fortunately it didn't make it and I pitched on, followed by two putts for a nett par 5. A good drive on the long 7th set me up for a hybrid shot that left me about 90 yards out. I pitched on and two putted for a nett birdie 5. On the even longer 8th my drive wasn't as long. The following hybrid shot was good but bounced violently right on hitting the ground. I can only assume there was something that caused this, but it left the ball close to the path. I took the 6-iron not wanting to risk the hybrid but the ground was hard, possibly because of stones under the grass. The resulting shot was only 100 yards. However, I could then pitch on from about 50 yards, the ball actually settling just off the green. I putted on and single-putted for a nett par 6.

I had been doing very well and only had to keep my head on the 9th for a good score. The drive sliced and I held my breath as the ball headed towards the lake. On reaching the lake I found that the ball was a couple of feet away from the water and just outside the hazard posts. With a slight downhill lie I took the 8-iron. The ball crashed through the tops of the rushes in front of me and just cleared the tree on the opposite bank, landing on the fairway some 80 yards forward. My hybrid shot then put the ball about 70 yards from the green, from where I pitched on and two-putted for a nett par 6.

Round - 02 July 2018

I came in with 45 and 17 putts, with a Stableford score of 22, making this my best 9-holes. If I hadn't four-putted the 5th, things would have been even better, but there again I did have a bit of luck elsewhere. Needless to say I'm very pleased.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 02 July 2018

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