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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 02/11/17

A disastrous start and an even more disastrous ending, but in between things weren't too bad. A chilly day but with hardly a breath of wind. And the course is in pretty good shape, although they've spiked the greens which makes putting a bit of a lottery.

My drive on the 1st went right into the trees and the ball was lost. I had taken a provisional, which also managed to drift right into the ditch. I took a drop but was now on 4 and hadn't got past the distance of my drive. A couple of good 4-irons got me to within pitching distance but the ball rolled off the left of the green and almost into the bunker. A chip on and one putt left me with a blobbed 9. As I've said, a disastrous start.

I managed to keep the drive on the 2nd away from the ditch and it was quite long at 164 yards. I then put a 7-iron shot into a laurel bush to the left, but fortunately it went through and I could pitch on, albeit the shot was far too long. This resulted in three putts for a nett bogey 6.

My hybrid tee shot on the short 3rd went right but stayed out of trouble. I pitched on but was long, needing two putts to finish with a nett birdie 4.

My drive was a bit short on the 4th allowing me to take my 4-iron without fear of reaching the lake. I pulled the shot left and needed to pitch over the lake with my next shot. I took the 7-iron and cautiously played to the right. The shot didn't reach the green and was in rough. I pitched on and two-putted for a nett par 6. Not too bad on this tricky hole.

I took the hybrid again on the short 5th but looked up as I took the shot, sending the ball left and only making 60 yards. With my pitching wedge I hit a good ball for distance, but it was off the left off the green, and the pin was to the right of what is a wide green. I nevertheless managed to get down in two for a nett par 4.

I often go left off the tee on the 6th and today was no different, although this time the ball made it to the far side of the bank left of the fairway. It took a while to find the ball and it was close to a tree with the branches affecting my backswing. I hate that type of shot and duly only managed about 25 yards with the clearance. But I then pitched to the green with my 8-iron and two-putted for a nett par 5.

I've occasionally been slicing a bit right lately and this happened on the 7th. This left me with a lofted shot over trees, which I took with my 8-iron and made 95 yards, so was quite pleased. I then hit a poor 4-iron that slewed right and only made just over 100 yards. A gap wedge out of deep grass got me to just off the green, where I putted on but was too long. Two putts back for a nett bogey 7.

The 8th was better. A good drive of 172 yards was followed by a good 4-iron. My 7-iron to the green was short and I pitched on and two-putted for a nett par 6, just missing out on a nett birdie 5.

Everything went wrong on the 9th. Conscious of the lake to the right I went far too far left and it took us quite a while to find the ball. It was in the edge of some trees. I should have taken a penalty drop but tried hitting it out, only to push the ball to the very edge of a ditch. Again I tried to play an impossible shot, with my feet in the ditch and literally feet below the ball. All I succeeded in doing was knocking the ball into the ditch. I actually played out of the dry ditch quite well, putting me on the fairway for 4. My next 4-iron wasn't great and left me a shot over trees to reach the green. My attempt with a 5-iron wasn't great, and the ball ended up right under a big conifer. All I could do was knock it out with my putter. Now on 7, I needed two pitching wedge shots to get on the green for 9, then two-putted for 11. My worse score on a hole for as long as I can remember.

Needless to say, with the high scores on the 1st and the 9th my total of 58 wasn't much to shout about. I had 17 putts and scored 13 points. The other holes weren't played too badly, which was all that saved me from a very embarrassing final score. Both these high scoring holes started with bad drives. Something to bear in mind.

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Scorecard - 02 November 2017

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