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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 06/08/18

Another blistering hot day, my car showing 32℃ after we finished the round. To make matters worse there was a society in front, and at our designated tee time of 11.16 the last group from the society hadn't yet teed off. So we had the 11.08 pair waiting on the tee, us, and another group behind us. Things didn't improve as we made our way around, nearly every shot involving a wait. It was a matter of trying to find shade while things sorted themselves out.

I had a lucky start, my drive going left into the trees but bouncing off one back onto the fairway. A good hybrid on the way to the green gave me a nett par 6. I just clipped a left-side tree on the 2nd but the drive still made 170 yards. My next shot was a bit short and after chipping on I two-putted for a net par 5. On the 3rd I drove just short of the green. A 6-iron 'putt' to keep under the willow branches got me on the green, where two putts secured a net birdie 4.

The 4th was a catastrophe. I sliced into trees, hearing a solid wood strike. Fortunately I found the ball quite easily but could only play out sideways. The next shot ended up on a bank and playing off there with my pitching wedge, the ball ran on and bounced off the path into the edge of the lake. The ball was retrievable but unplayable, requiring a penalty drop. It then took me a further two shots to reach the green and with two putts I had a very unwelcome 9.

Things were much better on the 5th. I drove to the right of the green, chipped on and two-putted for a net par 4. I was again short after two shots on the 6th, chipped on and two-putted for a net par 5. I was a bit lucky on the 7th. My third shot with the 6-iron pulled left but keep out of trouble, leaving me a chip on and two putts for a net par 6, the third net par in a row.

The 8th broke the run, my drive going left into the edge of the trees. I took an iron out, which crossed diagonally into the rough, needing another iron shot back to the fairway. My hybrid was then short, needing a chip and two putts for a net bogey 7. The 9th was also a bit haphazard. The drive was good but I then sent a hybrid shot right into the rough. Aiming for the left of the gap between trees either side of the fairway, I put the next hybrid shot behind the left-side trees. There was a forward shot between the trees and over a hill. I went for it using the 6-iron to keep the trajectory low, which surprisingly worked, leaving me an 8-iron to the green. Two putts gave me a net bogey 7, which was welcomed after the unorthodox approach.

The final score was a 53 with 16 putts and 15 points, which wasn't too bad considering the 9 on the 4th. I scored on all bar the 4th.

I'm still not hitting the hybrids well off the hard fairways and may revert to irons on the next outing.

Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 06 August 2018

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