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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 03/03/16

Golf is a crazy game. Last week I thought I was well on the way to upping my game, and today I came back down to earth. Things just weren't working.

It was a cold bright day, becoming noticeably colder later in the afternoon, to the extent that I became chilled. Heavy rain and sleet over the previous day and night had made many of the fairways squelchy, with standing water in many places. I think this impacted my 5-wood shots as I messed up more than I normally would during the course of a game. We were back on the proper tee boxes and my driving wasn't bad although a few went left, which in a couple of cases left me in tricky lies. So that's the excuses out of the way.

It all started so well, a long putt giving me an unusual par on the 1st. A gross 5 (nett par) on the second was then followed by a gross 4 (nett par) on the 3rd. Given the first three holes can be game breakers this was a perfect start for me. The 4th is often my nemesis, and so it was today. I put a long drive left onto the bank, from where I had to play a safe little chip back onto the fairway. I then had two poor hybrid shots, followed by an under-hit chip, requiring a long putt from off the green and two more to sink the ball. All adding up to a gross 9!

What followed was perhaps a psychological effect following on the disaster on the 4th, because on the short 5th I completely miss-hit the 5-wood off the tee. The approach to this green is long muddy grass, and this resulted in two ineffectual hybrid shots before I put an 8-iron to the far side of the green. A chip back on and two putts gave me an 7 on what is a very straightforward par 3. I was starting to lose heart.

Fortunately the 6th went quite well, a gross 5 giving me a nett par. The 7th suffered from yet another muffed fairway shot, and at this stage I was beginning to lose confidence in my 5-wood. I finished with a gross 7 (nett bogey). I played the 8th better, but an over-played pitch sent me across the green, and I ended up with another gross 7 (nett bogey). The 9th was good up to a fluffed 7-iron, which added a shot and left me with another gross 7 on this par 5, and another nett bogey.

So could I redeem things on the back nine? The 10th was sad. After three shots I was almost pin high, but my third shot had strayed right and come to rest at the side of the path, close to a tree. I couldn't get a good stance and punched the ball straight into the green-side bunker. It took me two to get out, and another to get on the green, where a single putt gave me a gross 8. Not a great start.

On the 11th I pulled the drive left and was lucky to play a good hybrid out of the water laden grass where the drive had landed. I was just off the green for three but the chip was short, and I needed two putts for a gross 6 (nett par). The 12th would have been better if I hadn't thinned my 9-iron shot which sailed way over the green, but I managed a gross 6 (nett bogey).

The 13th was not good. My drive went left and hit a tree with a resounding thump. I played out and then messed up the next shot, which ended up in the fairway bunker. A short 9-iron out of there was followed by a good hybrid that put me to the right of the green, from where a chip and two putts gave me a gross 8 - well and truly blobbed. The 14th wasn't much better as after a good drive I had two 25 yard hybrids that took more mud than ball. In frustration I put the next one well past the green, needing a chip back and two putts for a gross 7 - hole blobbed again.

The 15th went much better. My drive was nearly 200 yards and although the following 5-wood was a bit lacklustre, the one after that put me only about 70 yards from the green. An 8-iron and two putts gave me a gross 6 on this par 5, the first putt just missing the hole for what would have been a par. I also parred the short 16th despite putting the tee shot to the left of the raised green.

The 17th should have been a gross 5, but in trying to execute a gentle chip I dug in and the ball hardly moved; so it was a 6 (nett bogey). The 18th was without incident, although I needed two iron shots to get on the green when one should have been enough. A gross 6 (nett bogey) to finish.

It was a scrappy round, 56 out and 56 back, with 30 putts. The ground conditions weren't good, and my playing partners also experienced difficulties. Let's hope the rain will keep off for a while to allow the ground to dry out.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 03 March 2016

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