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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 03/09/18

After Friday's victory, today it was down to earth with a bump. Nothing seemed to be working, and although I scrambled some not-too-bad scores on a few holes, overall it was pretty dire. The weather was perfect, so no excuses there, although the ground was very hard, having dried out again as a result of little rain recently. This made the iron shots a bit more tricky, well for me at least.

The 1st went so badly that it probably psychologically affected the rest of the round. The drive went into the left-side trees, from where I aimed to play out through what was a reasonable gap. But the ball struck one of the trees, rebounding to come to rest hard up against the trunk of a low conifer. There was no option other than to take a penalty drop, after which I managed again to catch a tree, causing the ball to remain within the left-side rough. A hybrid out followed by a decent iron shot to the green got me on for 7, and three putts left me with an inglorious 10.

I was again in trouble on the 2nd, the ball bouncing right into the ditch. After a penalty drop I put a 6-iron shot way left, behind the left-side green bunker. I thinned the pitch, needing another chip back on, which fortunately was good enough for a single putt for a nett bogey 6. I laid up on the 2nd, but should have gone up a club as I left myself a long pitch over the bunker. It went off the left of the green, from where I made a hash of the gap wedge shot, not reaching the green. Luckily I putted in from off the green for a nett birdie 4.

After a decent drive on the 4th, I laid up short of the lake, but was a bit short. Trying for the green with my hybrid I sent the ball right and was lucky not to go out of bounds within the trees on the bank. A low 6-iron out got me to the left of the green but my chip on was short, leaving me a long putt. I took two for a nett bogey 7. I again laid up on the par 3, 5th, but was short with a poorly hit 8-iron. My pitch was thin and I ended up off the back of the green. A chip back on and two putts for a nett bogey 5.

A long drive on the 6th followed by a hybrid almost got me to the green. A chip-and-run followed by two putts for a nett par 5. After another long drive on the 7th, I took my 3-wood. I didn't strike it cleanly but it got me to within pitching distance of the green. In fact I was short, putting on then two-putting for a nett par 6. The 8th started well but then went to pieces. I drove with my 3-wood, which matched the best driver shot of the day. I then took the 3-wood again, leaving me a shot to the green. This was again short and my next was thin, going way past the back of the green. It took me two to get on, and then two putts for a blobbed 8.

Since the round was already looking shabby, I tried a 6-iron off the tee for the 9th. It wasn't that impressive. I then took the 3-wood but went over the ball, sending it left, where it skipped over a bunker and came to rest with trees to the front. The next hybrid shot was of necessity to the right, leaving me an awkward line over trees to the green. My shot in fact went to the left of the trees, and the next made the green. Two putts for a nett bogey 7.

The final damage was 58 shots and 16 putts, with a measly 11 points. Certainly not very encouraging, but my problems on the 1st and the 8th obviously were a major contribution to the poor score. I was very disappointed with my iron shots, which had generally been very promising last Friday.

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Scorecard - 03 September 2018

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