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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 04/04/16

Another day, another struggle on the golf course. I sometimes wonder why I bother. Conditions were generally good, with a very light wind that only freshened slightly when we had a bit of rain on holes 7 and 8. So what went well? I continue to hit some solid drives but am still going left. Not a draw, but straight drives in the wrong direction. I watched a video this week where the pro was talking about hitting the ball on the upstroke for greater length, but he cautioned that this would make the drive go left. He suggested setting up with a stance aiming slightly right. I tried this today on holes where actually going right wouldn't have been a disaster, and it seems to have promise. It also indicates, perhaps, that I'm hitting on the upstroke.

I also experimented using my 20 degree hybrid for fairway shots in place of my 5-wood, the latter having been a bit random lately. The wood is a longer club but not by much, as demonstrated on the 2nd today when I hit the hybrid 151 yards to the green. Bar one slightly wild shot on the 4th the hybrid certainly behaved more predictably than the wood. I managed to miss-hit the 5-wood off the tee on both the 3rd and 5th par threes, which further reduced my confidence in it, although I think perhaps I set the tee too low on both occasions.

The tee shot on the 1st went dramatically left but ended up in open ground the other side of the trees, which gave me a good lie to hit an 8-iron back down the fairway. A couple of hybrid shots got me to the right of the green for four, but the chip was long, needing a putt back on from the far side of the green. Two more putts for a gross 8, which was a bit disappointing as I recovered well from the wayward tee shot. The tee shot on the second also went left into trees, from where I played a gentle 7-iron back onto the fairway. I then hit the 151 yard hybrid onto the green and two-putted for a 5 - nett par.

I came down on the ball on my 5-wood tee shot on the 3rd sending it just under 60 yards. A thinned hybrid shot almost took me out-of-bounds behind the green to the right, from where I took an 8-iron and chipped on but it rolled off the far side. I putted on and then single-putted for 5. On the 4th I tried setting up for a shot slightly right and sure enough this drive didn't go quite as far to the left as the previous ones, but it was still left, albeit an acceptable 188 yards. My first hybrid shot was thick and then I pushed the next one right, only escaping out-of-bounds by virtue of a bounce back off a tree. I had to play a safety out sideways and then didn't quite make the green with my 7-iron pitch. Another 7-iron chip and run put me close to the hole for a single putt finish giving me a gross 7 - nett bogey.

On the short 5th I again came down on the ball with my 5-wood off the tee, but I then put a very respectable 98 yard 8-iron on the green and single-putted for a par - nett birdie. A reasonable drive on the 6th followed by a slightly thick hybrid shot allowed me to pitch on for three, but I then needed three putts to finish for a nett bogey.

A cracking 192 yard drive on the 7th followed by a reasonable hybrid shot set me up to pitch on for three, but I was short and in the rough to the right. A chip and two putts gave me a gross 6 - nett par. On the 440 yard 8th a reasonable drive and two hybrid shots set me up for a pitch onto the green but I went off the green to the left. A chip and run on, and two putts gave me a gross 7 - nett bogey. So far I had actually only blobbed the 1st.

The 9th can be a difficult hole. If the lake on the right doesn't take your tee shot further along there's a tree-lined bank to the right just waiting to obstruct your approach shot to the green. I missed the lake with a low drive that ran on to make 184 yards. I then shot a good hybrid shot but it drifted right and left behind the aforementioned bank. I tried a bold 7-iron to clear the trees and give me the distance, but as is often the case when I try something bold, I lifted my head in anticipation of the outcome. Needless to say the outcome was a topped ball that went about 3 yards. Not to be defeated, I replayed the same shot, but this time although the ball cleared the trees, it was too far right and came to rest in an unplayable position under a big conifer. A penalty drop was taken but I then needed to play out sideways, following which I took three more shots to get on the green. Are you still counting? Two putts followed for a gross 11, which must be the worst single hole score I've had for years.

It's the same old story. Some good shots but all ruined by a couple of holes that seemed to go from bad to worse. Must get a grip.

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Scorecard - 04 April 2016

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