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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 04/08/16

I was one degree under today recovering from a cough and a temperature, but having sat indoors for two days I needed to get out. A warm day but the wind was gusty and problematic on some holes. Cloud was building but rain stayed away.

A good straight drive on the 1st set me off well, and the next 5-wood was also good, allowing me to put the next hybrid to the right of the green. The 7-iron chip on was too strong and put me off the back of the green. I putted on and then two-putted for 7, a nett bogey.

I took my 23 degree hybrid off the 2nd tee for accuracy and was surprised when it went 160 yards. My next hybrid went through the green but a good 8-iron chip set me up for the par putt, a nett birdie.

Unusually I shanked my 20 degree hybrid off the 3rd tee and ended up close to the out of bounds line, almost the identical place to where I put an 8-iron last time out. Like last time I hit a good 8-iron over the trees, which landed within putting distance of the pin. Unfortunately I didn't make the putt, but a 4 was acceptable after the 8-iron recovery shot. A nett par.
Hole 2 - 04 August 2016
The troublesome 4th lived up to its reputation. My drive found the right hand fairway bunker. I got out with a 9-iron and then managed to pull my hybrid shot, which landed at the edge of the lake in the soft sponge-like ground. I was pleased to hit a 9-iron out even if it didn't make the green. My gap wedge was then too long and I needed two putts to finish with a 7, nett bogey.

The 5th was into a strong wind and my choice of the 20 degree hybrid was perhaps a bit ambitious. It landed in the right hand bunker short of the green. I took the gap wedge out, picking the ball off the sand rather than trying a conventional bunker shot. This worked well, too well as the ball scuttled off the back of the green. I putted on and then two-putted for 5, a nett bogey.

I often pull my tee shot on the 6th and did so again today, landing half-way up the bank. With the ball a good foot below my feet I topped the first hybrid attempt, but put the second one about 30 yards from the green. A gap wedge and two putts for 6 and another nett bogey, although my first putt stopped only a couple of inches short.

A bit of a slice plus the wind sent my drive on the 7th right, it landing in front of trees, a similar shot to the one I had last time out. A lofted 9-iron cleared the trees but I then put a 5-wood into the left hand bunker. The gap wedge got me out but I was short of the green. A well judged 8-iron chip then left me with a simple single putt for a nett par 6.

A good drive followed by a solid 5-wood left me with an 8-iron shot to the green on the 8th. The 8-iron was short and my chip on with the same club was also short, needing another three putts to finish for a nett bogey 7.

I really needed a good 9th hole to compensate for the previous bogeys. I took a hybrid off the tee to play short of the lake. Two 5-woods, the second at 164 yards, put me a short 8-iron pitch from the green, with two putts giving me a nett par 6. I couldn't have wished for better.

The final count was 52, with 14 points, which I wasn't too displeased with considering that I needed to extricate myself from a number of poor lies. There were only three really bad shots and none cost me more than a single stroke.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 04 August 2016

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