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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 04/02/16

Another potentially good 9 holes spoiled by what were for the most part avoidable mistakes, although the spiked 9th green didn't do me any favours.

We're still playing off mats, which can make setting up the tee a bit tricky. Fortunately this only caused me a problem on the 6th, when I knew the tee was too high but played the ball anyway. This was the only bad tee shot, going only about 50 yards.

The wind had abated compared to recent outings although was still gusty in places. Fortunately a bit of drizzle didn't come to anything and we survive the round dry.

I started the 1st with a good tee shot and should have been on the green for 4, but a half-hearted pitch didn't make it, requiring a second attempt. Three putts gave me a gross 8.

Another good tee shot on the 2nd, that amazingly sailed over the high tree on the left, was wasted when I put my second in the right-hand green-side bunker. An overly good clearance took me to the far side of the green, requiring a 7 iron and two putts to get me down for a gross 6.

I put my tee shot on the green on the par 3, 3rd, but again needed 3 putts to get a gross 4.

The 4th (index 1 hole) again took its toll. Putting the third shot just into the right-hand trees didn't help, requiring two iron shots to reach the green, where two putts resulted in a gross 8.

The 5th was one of those minor miracles that keep you playing golf despite all the frustration. A good tee shot put me just short of the green, from where I putted in. It was a long putt across what is an undulating green, and although I had tried to read the line, I'll admit to being helped by a bit of pixie dust on this one. So a gross 2 for a birdie and 4 points.

I muffed the tee shot on the 6th because the tee was set too high on the mat, but recovered to get to the green in 3. Two putts gave me a gross 5.

I was on the green for 4 on the long 7th, which is good for me in winter conditions. Two putts for a gross 6.

The 8th also went quite well, being on the green for 3, but it was a long putt, and in fact I needed 3, giving me another gross 6.

The back end of the round had gone much better than the beginning and I only needed to hold things together on the tricky 9th. My approach was solid, being on the green for 4, which for me is good on this par 5. Unfortunately 4 putts ruined the good run. In my defence, the first putt literally jumped up in the air as it hit a spike hole, as did the third, causing both to be much shorter than they should have been.

There were some good shots today and my 86% 'on the fairway' statistic (from Game Golf) confirms that I was playing a fairly controlled game. Unfortunately the other statistic of 2.22 putts/hole, 20 putts in total, shows where I lost too many shots. Add in a couple of iffy irons and that's why I got a 53 and not a 48, my handicap target.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 04 February 2016

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