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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 04/07/16

Our Monday morning practice round. A beautiful warm day with mainly light winds, although it gusted at times as the cloud cover started to build during the round.

My drive and two 5-woods on the 1st set me up to pitch on the green, but the 9-iron was a bit thin and went off the back. I chipped back on with the 7-iron but needed two putts to finish with a 7, a nett bogey for one point.

The drive was too far left on the 2nd and I had to play out of rough in the trees. I thinned the 8-iron but it was one of those lucky shots where the mistake didn't affect the outcome that much. The ball went low and ran to within 20 yards of the green. A gap wedge chip and one putt for a par, nett birdie and 3 points.

After taking three to get out the bunker last week, I laid up on the par 3, 3rd. I then proceeded to shank the gap wedge right into the trees, the ball bouncing off one and landing in rough. The 7-iron recovery was fortunately good and a single putt rescued a 4, nett par for 2 points.

My 5-wood on the 5th didn't quite make it and I underplayed a 9-iron chip. I then grounded the putter and the ball only made it half way to the pin. Two more putts for a 5, nett bogey and one point.

A good drive on the 6th followed by a 5-wood put me to the left and just short of the green. An almost perfect 7-iron chip-and-run left me a putt for a par, nett birdie and 3 points.

I badly sliced my drive on the 7th, the ball ending up in trees less than 100 yards from the tee. I played a hybrid out and then a cracking 160 yard 5-wood. My 9-iron pitch was also good and I put down a longish putt for 5, a nett birdie and another 3 points.

Just to be contrary I drove left into trees on the 8th. I played out sideways with my 7-iron and then hit a 5-wood to within 135 yards from the green. I took my 23 degree hybrid and put the next shot on the green. I just missed the putt, ending up with 6, a nett par for 2 points.

All I now needed was an error free 9th and I would have scored on each hole. You've guessed it, it wasn't error free. My drive sliced a bit and was helped further right by the cross-wind. Fortunately it didn't reach the lake. I took a hybrid as the lie wasn't great, but I should have used an iron, as I thinned the ball into the lake. A penalty drop and the same hybrid this time did the trick. However, now on 4, with only one extra shot on handicap, it was clear that I was going to blob the hole. My 5th shot was a 5-wood that ended up in rough quite close to a tree, limiting my approach to the green. I took a hybrid and then a 7-iron chip and run, finishing with a long single putt for 8, nett double bogey.

Lakeside Lodge - 04 July 2016

I had effectively dropped two shots at the lake on the 9th, so my final score of 49 would have equalled my best of 47 if I hadn't made that mistake. My putting was working very well today, with only 14 putts taken, single putting on 5 holes. I had 17 Stableford points, only one below handicap.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 04 July 2016

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