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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 04/07/17

I played with Helen and two other women today, and to be sociable went off the red tees with them. Another warm and humid day with little wind, but the cloud cover protected us from direct sun.

After a good 150 yard tee shot on the 1st, I hit a really good second of 184 yards. This left me a 50 yard pitch to the green, which was good, and I then sank a fairly long putt for a birdie 4. What a start!

Hole 1 - 04 July 2017

I had another good tee shot on the 2nd but took ground on my next shot, which sent the ball right and I was short of the green. My pitch was then too strong sending the ball off the far side of the green, from where I chipped back with my 8-iron and single-putted for 5, a nett par.

I put the ball on the green with my 27 degree hybrid on the 3rd and two-putted for a par.

The 4th went a bit wrong. My tee shot was fine but playing off the red tee put the lake in play for my second. I decided to lay up using my 9-iron but was thin on the shot, which consequently went further than I planned, ending up in conifer trees. Because of the low branches I used the putter to get out, but I didn't make good contact on my the first attempt and needed another go to get clear. I then pitched up but was a bit short, another pitch putting me on the green where I took two putts for an 8.

I didn't make clean contact on my tee shot on the 5th, the ball landing just short of the right side bunker. A lob wedge pitch put me me a couple of inches off the green. From there I sunk an enormous putt of probably around 50 feet, which followed the curve of the green before dropping. A par.

Hole 5 - 04 July 2017

After an average tee shot on the 6th, I tried to loft an 8-iron shot over the willow that sits in front of the green. The loft and distance were good, but the direction wasn't, the ball going left into a bunker. I played out with my 9-iron, played a chip-and-run with my 7-iron and single-putted for 5, a nett par.

On the 7th I went right off the tee and was short, leaving me trees to the front. A good 8-iron shot lofted over the trees and actually made 127 yards, leaving me another 8-iron shot to the green. This was in fact a bit long and I had to chip back on, then two-putting for a nett par 6.

I took my eye off the ball on my tee shot on the 8th and hit the ground hard, the ball going only 40 yards with a big divot on the tee box! I made up for this with my second, a 174 yard hybrid. The next hybrid wasn't quite as long but I pitched on the green with my lob wedge for 4, not bad after the awful tee shot. Unfortunately I then three-putted for a 7.

Things had gone really well up to now, the only real error being on the 4th when I went into the trees. However, the 9th was to turn out to be a nightmare all because of one bad decision. My tee shot was long at 157 yards but went left, the ball settling under a small conifer. It was unplayable and I should have taken a penalty drop: but I tried to play it. That was the bad decision. My first attempt was an air shot! After this I back-handed the club but still hardly cleared the trees. I then tried to recover things with a hybrid but managed to go too far to the left and hit another conifer, the ball settling underneath. It took another couple of shots to get out and my next shot wasn't great. Things weren't going well. My next hybrid shot redeemed things somewhat, making 135 yard to the green and settling pin high. My putt was very close to sinking but I needed a tap-in for a very sad 10.

Despite the 9th, which would have certainly been entirely different if I had taken a penalty drop after my tee shot, this was a good round with few other mistakes. I scored 51 with 14 putts. My putting was very good today, with four single putts and one zero-putt on the 5th from off the fringe. I was also very pleased in general with my iron shots, and the lob wedge was put to use, this being a recent addition to my bag.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 04 July 2017

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