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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 04/10/2018

Yet another beautiful day in what is a superb Indian summer. And we now have winter rules in force, meaning that it's possible to the lift the ball on the fairway if it's sitting on the bald patches remaining from the scorching summer conditions. Unfortunately this additional advantage didn't stop me once again recording a disappointing score.

My driving wasn't quite as accurate today but I managed for the most part to stay out of trouble and achieve respectable distances. This was the case off the first tee, but I then pulled my hybrid shot sending the ball into the trees to the left. I was only on the edge of the trees but my 6-iron out sent the ball through some foliage. I lost sight of it, but a loud 'wood' contact confirmed I had once again pulled the shot, the destination tree being within the lake hazard. We eventually found the ball, which was unplayable, but I had already dropped and played an 8-iron to the right of the green. A pitch on and two putts for a blobbed 8.

I hit the ground before the ball with my drive off the 2nd tee, the ball going left into the trees. I had to play out cautiously but my 7-iron added 80 yards and placed the ball mid-fairway. I then thinned an 8-iron leaving me off the back of the green. A pitch on and one putt for a nett par 5, not a bad outcome after the bad drive. The 3rd was a bit sad. My hybrid tee shot went right into the hollow that forms a temporary lake in the rainy season. Today it was dry, but the lie was awful, and I needed to keep low under willow branches. I took a 6-iron but the shot wasn't clean and I was still in the rough. I then fluffed a 7-iron chip-and-run, needing another to get on. Two putts for a nett bogey on what is a very generous par 3 in terms of handicap.

A good drive on the 4th stopped just short of the bunker, which I normally regard as out of play. The 7-iron shot clipped the ridge of the bunker, limiting it to 70 yards. The next 7-iron, however, was clean and made 130 yards, leaving me what should have been a simple pitch on, but I was short. Another pitch and a single putt gave me a nett par 6. I was somewhat lucky on the 5th. My hybrid tee shot was a low ground-hugger that nonetheless left me only about 20 yards from the green. My pitch over the bunker was too strong and went off the back of the green. A pitch back and two putts for a nett bogey 5.

Another good drive on the 6th was wasted by a poor hybrid shot, after which I pitched short. I putted on and single-putted for a nett par 5. Another 170 yard plus drive on the 7th (good for me!) was followed by a hybrid that left me about 90 yards from the green. I was heavy with the 8-iron and the ball fell short into a bunker. With the heavy sand in our bunkers I've abandoned the sand wedge and the conventional 'take sand' technique and instead use my gap wedge to pick the ball of the surface. This worked very well, putting me on the green. Unfortunately I then took three putts for a nett bogey 7.

Two good shots on the 8th left me a 6-iron to the green, but I pushed it right into the large bunker. My gap wedge trick didn't work this time, and I needed two to get out, although it's a long bunker and I was playing from the back. I was able to putt on and placed the ball for a simple knock in, giving me another nett bogey 7. Another good two starting shots on the 9th put me over 300 yards out, but I then needed to play over trees. My hybrid shot almost made it, just clipping the higher branches, which caused the ball to fall short at about 100 yards. An 8-iron put me off the right of the green, from where a good chip left me a simple single putt for a nett par 6.

As is often the case, if I hadn't messed up a number of iron shots this could have been a good round. But I'm pleased that my drives are now reasonably consistent and usually fall safe. I just need to improve my mid irons. The stroke total was 55 with 14 putts, and what is becoming a fairly consistent 12 points!

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Scorecard - 04 October 2018

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