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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 05/01/16

I don't usually play on Tuesdays but yesterday I joined Helen with some of her friends to play the Lodge Course. An acquaintance of Helen, Paul, joined us: he plays off 7 and offered some helpful tips during the round.

Because of a bit of a mix up we ended up playing as a five-ball, which strictly speaking isn't allowed. But there wasn't anybody behind us. We let a two-ball through at the 10th, and it wasn't until the 16th that anybody else came up behind. So no real harm done.

Although the weather was extremely kind for a January day, no wind, occasional sunshine and not too cold, the ground conditions were as bad as I've ever seen them. It's a wonder that the course is still open. All the men's tee boxes were closed with temporary tee points to the front, often in long grass. However, many of the women's tees were still playable, and where not, they had been combined with the men's temporary tees. So Paul and I decided to play off the women's tees, which also sped things up as we were a five-ball.

The par 5 first hole didn't start brilliantly. After a fair tee shot, on the second I took far too much of the wet ground. I then proceeded to miss-hit the third into the trees on the left, from where I played a short safety shot back onto the fairway. The next two shots weren't too bad leaving me about 30 yards from the green. I pitched on and single putted for an 8, which is a blobbed hole for me, as I only get one shot.

Things then improved somewhat with a par on the 2nd, bogeys on the 4th and 5th, and another par on the 6th. I then got three more bogeys on the 13th, 16th and 17th, and double bogeys on the 7th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 14th and 15th. I had plus 3 on the 8th, 11th and 18th. These are all gross results, not nett, and this gave me 17 points out and 13 points in, which considering the conditions was for me quite acceptable. Only two holes were blobbed, the 1st and the 18th, the latter because of a stupid three-putt. While playing off the women's tees obviously gave us a distance advantage, the conditions I feel more than negated anything so gained.

This was my first 18-hole session for my new Game Golf system and it continues to impress. I've still to get used to registering the club before each shot. Yesterday I missed a couple of registrations, but the system detected the strokes and I was able to edit the round before signing off the card. I also made the mistake, on a couple of occasions, of playing practice strokes before registering, which resulted in 'additional strokes' picked up by the system. These were also easily edited out.

I putted very well, particularly on the outward 9, where I recorded 12 putts, with 18 coming back. I had a couple of muffed tee shots and although I recovered well, these no doubt cost me a couple of strokes. I also had too many thick ground shots off the fairway, which in the wet conditions ensured that the ball didn't go anywhere near as far as should have been the case with the clubs in use. These probably cost me another three to four shots. And on the 11th I really messed up by shanking an 8 iron on my fourth shot. So what should have been on the green for 4, and say two putts, ended up as a 7. As I get two shots on this hole, I potentially missed 2 Stableford points because of that mistake.

But all in all I was pleased with the day.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard, noting that I get two shots on holes indexed one through to 6, thereafter I only get one.

Scorecard - 5 January 2016

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