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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 05/01/17

A freezing morning with weak winter sun and we were on temporary greens. My Game Golf system can't really handle temporary greens since while you can physically reposition the hole and pin on the map, Game Golf then records all putts as off the green and therefore doesn't count them. Furthermore, the so-called temporary greens were just areas of fairway, uneven and frozen, making any attempt at a measured putt meaningless. In fact we adopted a 'gimme' approach for anything reasonably close to the hole. For this reason I'm not going to write a full review of the round as the results are fairly meaningless.

Generally speaking my tee shots were again sadly lacking both in terms of consistency of contact and direction. I think I'll have to get on the driving range as a poor tee shot invariably leaves me with a lot to do if I'm to have a reasonable hole. My fairway shots also suffered from poor direction although were generally better hit than the tee shots, which is weird but seems to be what I do. Chips were more consistent if one ignores the mess I made on the 5th, where a thinned gap wedge on my second shot sent me way past the pin, and two awful 8-irons didn't get me back for a sensible putt, the third 8-iron managing it followed by a putt for a 6.

My score was 55 with 17 putts, which is about average for me at the moment. I actually only blobbed one hole, the 5th as already mentioned, ending up with 13 points. But to be honest it was all quite unsatisfactory. We again had a fairly slow round, which in cold weather doesn't help. In fact I think I was a bit underdressed for the temperature and took a while to warm up after I got home. This may have been a factor in my play although I'm loathe to put too much of the blame there.

Until next Thursday.

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