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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 06/03/17

First game for a couple of weeks and the course was very wet following torrential rain yesterday. The ditches were full of water, so no chance of recovering a stray ball. And the seasonal mini-lake on the 3rd was back for the first time this winter.

My Game Golf system wouldn't upload this round at the time but I notice that it had appeared a long time after I wrote up this report. The report is, therefore, a combination of my memory on the day and my interpretation of the Game Golf results literally two years after the event!

A bit of luck on the 1st when my tee shot that was heading for the left side trees bounced off one, back on to the fairway. The next couple of hybrids weren't bad leaving me what should have been a simple pitch on to the green. Unfortunately I took more mud than ball and after two attempts was still only on the fringe of the green. I putted on but then needed two more putts for a nett bogey 8.

On the 2nd I took a hybrid off the tee and found the ditch on the right losing my ball. A penalty drop and a reasonable 4-iron got me to within chipping distance, but I was long and wide, resulting in a three-putt finish for a blobbed 7.

A lovely clean hybrid tee shot on the 3rd put me on the green. The first putt stopped ridiculously short considering I was going for a birdie but I managed to sink the next one for a nett birdie 3.

The tee shot on the 4th veered right into the rough, from where I made a half-hearted clearance back onto the fairway. The next shot strayed a bit right, the lake on the left influencing my aim, but it fortunately it came to rest in light rough. An 8-iron went to the left of the green from where I chipped on but left myself far too much to do, needing two putts for a nett bogey 7.

I nearly made the green on the 5th against a strong headwind. But my chip was overplayed and I needed two putts for a nett par 4.

As is often the case I went left on the 6th. The next shot was good but again left. I chipped on with the 8-iron and two-putted for a nett par 5.

I had a good tee shot on the 7th off the temporary mat (they're re-turfing the tee box) then completely muffed the next shot, sending it only about 35 yards. The next was far better and I then pitched on and two-putted for a nett par 6.

I was thin on my tee shot on the 8th, sending the ball left about 60 yards into rough. I recovered well with a long hybrid and then hit another long hybrid, giving me the chance of a pitch onto the green. I then needed three-putts for a nett bogey 7. A waste of a good approach.

My tee shot on the 9th was also poor. The second wasn't too bad but I went right into rough. From there I had a good hybrid that left me about 120 yards from the green. Against the wind I was just short with my 27 degree hybrid. I chipped on but left it short again, then sadly three-putted on the green for a nett bogey 8. Another wasted approach.

The end result was 55 shots and 13 points. I actually only blobbed one hole but I had two 8s and three 7s, plus 21 putts, which is far worse than usual. My putting was in fact particularly poor today, both in terms of direction and pace. On the other hand tee shots were more consistent than of late, as were the fairway hybrids. I also wasted a few shots because of poor chips with my irons. Fortunately I didn't find any bunkers, most of which were partially full of water.

All in all considering I had had a two weeks break, and taking into account the ground conditions and the wind, it could have been worse!

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 06 March 2017

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