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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 06/10/16

Yesterday I decided to put in another card towards ensuring that my handicap was maintained by the club, there being a need to submit at least three cards during the year. Having neglected to do this so far, I'm now catching up, having put in a card last Thursday, today was supposed to be number two. However, things went so badly that at about hole 7 I decided not to bother, and instead of doing 18 holes I went in after the 9th.

It's days like these that make you wonder why you bother. It went wrong from the start. My hybrid tee shot on the 1st rolled into the ditch on the right. More often than not my tee shot ends up in the trees to the left as I try specifically to avoid this ditch. A penalty drop and clearance was followed by a miss-hit 5-wood, into rough. My hybrid out of there ended up in the ditch to the far right of the approach, somewhere that I can't remember ever being before. Another penalty drop, 8-iron pitch and two putts for an inglorious nett triple bogey 9.

The 2nd wasn't as bad although my second shot nearly ended up in the far left bunker. I pitched on across the bunker but then three-putted for a nett bogey 6. It should have been a 5 at worst!

My tee shot on the third went right into the hollow under trees that floods in the winter, such that it has been designated a water hazard. Fortunately it was dry and my 7-iron jab went under the low branches onto the green. I nearly made a par but needed a short second putt for a nett par 4.

The 4th was a sadness. Three reasonable approach shots left me with an 80 yard pitch onto the green, but my 9-iron was short needing another chip to get me on. I then three-putted for an 8, a nett double bogey.

The 5th was a ray of sunlight in the gloom. A straight 5-wood off the tee made the green and left me with a birdie chance, but the putt was long and I needed two for a nett birdie 3.

Hole 6 - 06 October 2016

A respectable 5-wood off the tee on the 6th strayed into rough, from where I took an 8-iron that was never going to reach the green but left me set up for a straightforward pitch on with my pitching wedge. Unfortunately another three-putt meant a nett bogey 6.

Any hopes of salvaging a half-decent round went at the 7th. A good 5-wood off the tee, followed by a sweet hybrid over trees to the centre of the fairway, left me set up for a straight shot of about 90 yards to the green. I shanked it into the right hand bunker and took three to get out, still needing a chip on for 7. Two putts for a nett triple bogey 9.

After that the 8th offered a little respite although my second shot came precariously close to going in the lake, stopping about two yards short. I was on the green for 4 and two-putted for a nett par 6.

The 9th was the final wasted opportunity. After a bit of a haphazard approach I managed to get on the green for 5 but then three-putted yet again for a nett double bogey 8.

I had long since decided to abandon my card as not only was my play awful, with a score of 59 and 9 points, but we had also endured an extremely slow game behind groups of players in front of us. This seems to be becoming a regular problem on our course. As the weather gets colder, waiting for play in front becomes far less acceptable and it also psychologically interrupts the flow of your game.

Game Golf scorecard - for what it's worth:

Scorecard - 06 October 2016

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