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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 06/09/18

Back on track today after Monday's problems. Not perfect by any means, as it involved quite a lot of recovery from poor shots, but barring the 8th, which I messed up after a good approach, things worked out reasonably well. Once again the weather was perfect, warm with little wind. The course is, however, still very dry, with many bald spots on the fairways that are tricky to play off.

My drive on the 1st was good at 182 yards, but the ball came to rest on the path, necessitating a free drop into the rough. I took the hybrid out, which probably wasn't a good choice, as it only made 90 yards. The same club took me forward 144 yards with the next shot, although I was again in the rough. My 8-iron put me on the green and two putts gave me a nett par 6. Not a bad good outcome despite the problems I created along the way. I once again ended up on the path on the 2nd. My drop put me on the sloping bank and the next shot went left, not reaching the green. I messed up the chip and then put the next one long, needing two putts to get down for a nett bogey 6.

I took the hybrid on the 3rd tee but hit a low ball that settled short of the left bunker. A fairly bold pitch over the bunker was long, needing two putts to get down for a nett birdie 4. My drive on the 4th stopped inches from the fairway bunker. I played a 6-iron out of the uneven rough around the bunker, which went left and was short. For safety I then took an 8-iron to place the ball between the lake and trees to the right. Another 8-iron put me on the green but I needed three putts for a nett bogey 7.

I laid up with a 7-iron on the short 5th, but my pitch ran off the back of the green. A 7-iron chip on was followed by a single putt for a nett par 4. Another good drive on the 6th left me a 7-iron to the green, but the putt was long and I needed two, giving me a par and nett birdie. My drive was again good on the 7th and I followed it with a long 3-wood (158 yards), this club giving a natural fade around the right-hand dogleg. This left me an 8-iron to the green and two putts for a nett birdie 5.

Hole 7 - 06 September 2018

Hole 17, par 54 with 3-wood 2nd shot

My drive was a bit shorter on the 8th, but I then hit two good hybrids to get me pin high on this long par4 (440 yards), although I was to the left of the green. I muffed the pitch, needing to putt on, but then three-putted to ruin a very good approach and blob the hole. On the 9th for safety I aimed left, avoiding the lake. The ball ended up in medium rough but my 6-iron was good. I followed this with a 3‑wood hit off a bald patch of ground, which wasn't a good decision. However, the ball scooted along the ground making 132 yards in a very unconventional manner. I could then pitch on and two-putted for a nett par 6, not a bad ending.

I came in with 50 shots, which could easily have been 48 if I'd not messed up the finish on the 8th. I scored 17 points, almost making handicap, and the 17 putts kept me within 2 per hole. I wasn't displeased as I had some good iron shots and although I only put two drives on the fairway, none of them was in any real trouble.

Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 06 September 2018

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