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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 07/04/16

I had a better day today. We teed off at 09.22, a bit earlier than normal, as the course was busy. There was a chilly wind and the threat of rain later in the day. I arrived with only a little time in hand so there wasn't much chance to warm up or practise.

On the 1st I managed not to go as far left as I have been doing, ending up on the path, from where I dropped. My next shot was slightly obstructed by a conifer but I managed a decent hybrid down the fairway, from where I hit another longer hybrid putting me about 100 yards from the green. I pitched on and two-putted for a 6, which is highly respectable for me on this par 5.

The 2nd also went reasonably well, with a drive that went a very acceptable 194 yards, although a bit further to the right than I would have liked given the proximity of the infamous ball-catching ditch. My approach shot was long and required a chip back from the bank behind the green, followed by two putts for a gross 5 - nett par.

I think I set the tee too high on the 3rd, as my 5-wood shot went vertical landing only about 35 yards ahead. A nice hybrid shot put me just off the back-edge of the green, from where I putted on and then two-putted for a gross 5 - nett bogey.

The 4th can be a nightmare but today a good drive, followed by an accurate hybrid and an 8-iron put me off the back of the green for 3. A chip on and two putts gave me a nett par with a gross 6. An oncoming wind on the par 3, 5th led us to resort to our drivers. I put my shot to the left of the green and chipped on nicely, just missing the par with a gross 4. Things were going quite well - 9 points from 5 holes.

The 6th is an easy hole; easy that is if you don't put your drive over the left hand bank, and find that it has come to rest next to a tree. A successful if tricky pitch back over the bank was wasted when I put the next shot on the bank behind the right-hand bunker. From there I needed either to pitch over the high willow trees, or skim a low ground-hugging shot under and between them. I chose the latter, but overdid it slightly as the ball ended up on the bank at the far side of the green. From there a chip back on and two putts wasn't bad, but the resulting gross 7 was a blob - the only one today.

On the 7th I tried setting up to aim right, to compensate for the drives tending to go left. On this occasion the drive went straight, which meant right of course, as I had set up to the right. I tried a bold shot from the rough but failed, adding only about 20 yards and just managing to cross the ditch in front of me. The next shot was better, getting me to the middle of the fairway about 70 yards from the green. My iron shot was a bit thin putting me off the back of the green to the right. I chipped on and two-putted for a gross 7 - nett bogey.

The 8th was notable for my second shot, a 20 degree hybrid that made 180 yards. Unfortunately having thus got to within 90 yards of the green in two, I took two more to get on, and then three-putted for a gross 7. Another nett bogey and what a waste of a brilliant approach.

I managed to put my drive dead centre on the 9th, midway between the bunker on the left and the lake on the right - a rare achievement. The following two hybrid shots were good, allowing me to pitch on from about 60 yards, and then two putts gave me a gross 6 on this par 5 - nett par. A very satisfying way to finish.

There were mistakes today, and a few mediocre shots, but overall I was pleased that I had, for the most part, made the right club choices and kept my game under control. I have a competition on Saturday, so let's hope I can do the same again, but that is of course wishful thinking where golf's concerned.

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Scorecard - 07 April 2016

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