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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 07/03/16

Mondays are for practice but today I felt that I was practising to play badly. Having over the past couple of weeks got the driver back into play, and reasonably under control, today my fairway shots went to pieces. The course had dried out a bit since Friday's boggy conditions but the ground was still very soft. There was also a cold wind and towards the end of the nine holes my hands were starting to get numb. I've stopped carrying my clubs because the carry-bag strap was aggravating a shoulder problem. I am now pushing a trolly, meaning that I can't keep my hands in my gilet pockets between shots.

It started to go wrong after my first drive, which was itself long but ran across the path on the left and into the rough. An attempt to use my 5-wood failed miserably, the ball going only 25 yards. The next 5-wood shot was long but went to the right of the fairway, again into the rough. My hybrid shot out was slightly sliced and ended up on the top of the right-hand bank, where the ground conditions resembled a ploughed field. The iron shot from there crossed the green, requiring a long chip back, and then two putts for a gross 8 and a blobbed hole.

The 2nd wasn't much better. I took a hybrid off the tee but got under the ball, lofting it high but reasonably straight. Unfortunately the strong cross-wind took the ball right and it ran down the bank into the water-filled ditch. We couldn't find it so a penalty drop was taken. My iron shot approach to the green was thin and ended up off the back, from where I chipped and two-putted for a gross 7. Another hole blobbed.

I managed a gross 5 (1 point) on the par 3, 3rd, where I again thinned my iron shot, requiring a chip back from the far side of the green. The troublesome 4th lived up to its reputation, although I didn't help myself by having three poor hybrid shots in succession. I then again thinned the iron shot off the back of the green, chipped back and two-putted for a gross 8. Another blobbed hole.

The 6th restored my confidence a little as I managed a par, thanks to a long single putt. The 7th was again a story of poor fairway shots. It took me five shots before I could pitch onto the green, and two putts gave me a gross 8. Blobbed again. The 8th went better. A reasonable drive followed by what was, for today, a rare good 5-wood (177 yards) meant that I was on the green for four and two-putted for a gross 6, a nett par (2 points).

The 9th was a bit higgledy piggledy. Two poor 5-woods and a bit of zig-zagging meant that it took me 6 to get to a point a few yards in front of the green. A 7-iron chip and run from there was always looking good and it dropped nicely into the hole, giving me an unexpected, and undeserved gross 7 on this par 5. So 1 point to finish with, leaving me with a sad total of 9, half of what my handicap demands. For what was a practice round, I must say that I didn't take anything really positive from it.

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Scorecard - 07 March 2016

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