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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 07/09/17

I felt confident before going out today. My drives have been reasonably consistent lately and I am feeling better about my recently acquired Wilson Staff irons. What could go wrong?

Well, it started to go wrong on the 1st tee. My drive went left into the trees but fortunately bounced out onto the path. I took a free drop and then tried for a long hit with my 5-wood, only to go partially over the top of the ball and gain only about 70 yards. Now in the rough, I took my 5-iron, which wasn't that long, but taking it again I hit 152 yards, leaving me a gap wedge pitch to the green. Two putts for a nett bogey 7. On the 2nd I again drove left into the trees, and again it bounced out. But I pulled the following 5-iron shot sending the ball back into the trees. I managed to play a 7-iron out, leaving me a gap wedge onto the green. But I was long and had to putt back, a single on-green putt then giving me a blobbed 7. Not a good start.

I took the driver on the short 3rd, going slightly long, from where I pitched back and two-putted for a nett birdie 4. A long straight drive on the 4th took me a shade under 200 yards. I took the pitching wedge to lay up short of the lake but pushed it a bit left, leaving a shot over the side of the lake. I took the 5-iron and hit it well, but it was long. An 8-iron chip back was unfortunately followed by three putts for a nett bogey 7. A bit of luck on the 5th as my driver shot went through the bunker and onto the green. A good first putt across the undulating green left me a tap-in for a par, nett birdie.

Hole 5 - 07 September 2017

My drive was left but only just off the fairway on the 6th. My 7-iron was then short, but a sweet gap wedge shot left me a potential par. I didn't make it, two-putting for a nett par 5. Another near 200 yard drive on the 7th was followed by a fluffed 5-wood. I decided at this point to stick with the 5-iron as the 5-wood wasn't working. The 5-iron left me a gap wedge pitch, which was thin and went off the back of the green. I chipped back but was too tentative in the long grass, the ball not making the green. A putt on and a single on-green putt for a nett bogey 7.

The 8th did not go well. My drive went left into the trees. After quite a search we found it at the end of the trees, it having miraculously negotiated all the trees and made 190 yards. But the location was awful. I had to play through clustered trees back to the fairway and hit one of the trunks. The ball had fallen into a hollow and my attempt to get out with a 7-iron failed, the ball now being under tree branches. Another constrained 7-iron knocked it out but a few yards. My 5-iron then wasn't great, the following 8-iron putting me just off the green for 6. I needed to putt on and in to save the hole, but in fact needed two putts on the green, ending with a score-busting 9!

I needed a good 9th to recover, but hopes for this faded when my drive drifted right and ended up in the lake. A penalty drop was followed by a decent 5-iron, but the next 5-iron was short. My pitching wedge then put the ball on the green but three putts ended any hope of saving the hole - a blobbed 8.

Three 7s, an 8 and a 9 meant the front 9 wasn't going to be great, totalling 57 shots with 18 putts and 11 points.

The back 9 started much better. A mid-fairway 180 yard drive was followed by a 5-iron, leaving me a pitching wedge shot to the green. But it went right into the bunker. I got out and putted on, single-putting on the green for a nett par 6. I pulled the drive badly on the 11th, almost reaching the tree line to the left. A pitching wedge back to mid fairway left me about 130 yards from the green. I took the 7-iron and while the length was good the ball went left into a laurel bush. I poked it out with the gap wedge, just pushing it a few feet. I then chipped on with the same club and two-putted for a nett bogey 7.

I really hooked the drive on the 12th, losing the ball in the undergrowth. I took a two shot penalty and dropped. A 7-iron placed me nicely on the fairway, where another 7-iron was just short of the green. A chip-and-run with the 8-iron and two putts for a bogey 8, two of which were due to the penalty of course. The 13th was a complete contrast. A good straight drive of 177 yards was followed by 147 yard 5-iron, leaving an 8-iron chip to the green. Two putts for a nett birdie 5.

The 14th also wasn't bad. My drive was 182 yards, which was followed by a pitching wedge shot that landed short of the green. My gap wedge shot to the green rolled on a bit, leaving me a long back putt. I needed two for a nett par 5. And so to the long 15th. I had decided to forsake the 5-wood and my rescue club and play the fairway shots with the 5-iron. As the round hadn't been that great, I had nothing to lose. My drive was 170 yards, following which I hit 5-irons of 144 yards and 138 yards, leaving me a gap wedge shot to the green for 4. Unfortunately it was a bit short, so I putted on and two-putted for a nett par 7. I had proved, however, that the 5-irons could get me on the green for 4, and was pleased that both the 5-iron shots were very straight and kept mid-fairway.

Hole 15 - 07 September 2017

I took my 5-wood for the short 16th. Although this club had not been working well on the fairway, I hit a lovely straight shot off the tee, the ball just running through to the back edge of the green. A putt on and one putt for a par, nett eagle! After this success came disappointment as I sliced the drive badly on the 17th. The ball had landed close to a tree, restricting my stroke. In fact I only managed to hit it out a few yards. My 5-iron was then a little too good, the ball making the large bunker that protects almost the whole width of the green. I got out but then fluffed a gap wedge chip, needing another 8-iron chip on. Two putts for a blobbed 8.

I sliced again on the 18th. The following 5-iron was shorter than previous shots with this club, then I was short with my pitching wedge, needing another 8-iron chip on. Two putts for a nett bogey 6.

It was 55 back with 16 putts, so better than the front 9, but not by much. I had 15 points thanks to a nett birdie and nett eagle, giving me 26 points overall for the round. There were some good shots today, but as always these were negated by lost shots where things went wrong. I'm encouraged by how my longer iron shots are coming along. Not long by some standards but for me a great improvement, and quite reliable compared with the wood and hybrids of late.

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