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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 08/06/17

I'm either not playing enough golf to keep my hand in or I'm just getting progressively worse. My first game since last Thursday and it wasn't good. To be fair, for June the weather wasn't great. It was overcast with the constant feeling that rain was on its way, the wind freshening to strong throughout the morning.

I hit the ground about two inches behind the ball on the 1st, at about 80 yards the shot not reaching the fairway. I then put the next one well left and to compound things it hit a tree and bounced further into the trees. I found the ball at the base of a tree, a short chip being the only option. My next hybrid was good but a bit too close to the left side tree line, catching some branches towards the end of its journey. I then put the next hybrid on the green, pin high, from 165 yards. Golf is certainly a game of highs and lows! Two putts for a nett bogey 7 wasn't a bad outcome considering the start.

The 2nd was worse. A badly hit tee shot went into the left side trees, again requiring a short chip to get out. I then hit a good hybrid to within about 50 yards of the pin but muffed the pitch (slowed down on the ball!), needing another to get on. Three putts then gave be an inglorious 8. And I lost my French Franc ball marker when my cap blew off in the wind.

A complete miss-hit on the 3rd tee sent the ball a magnificent 30 yards left. A decent hybrid recovered the situation putting me off the green to the right. A 9-iron pitch and two putts for a nett par 5.

My tee shot on the 4th again wasn't good at only 112 yards. However, I then hit a glorious hybrid shot 180 yards, positioning me only about 120 yards from the pin. I needed to play over the edge of the lake and took my 27 degree hybrid, but I was thin on it and the ball took a low trajectory and caught the reeds on the far side of the lake. Fortunately we found in the dry margin of the lake, within the water hazard. I took a penalty drop but over-pitched to the back of the green. The ball had come to rest against the cut line of the grass and I made a mistake by taking my putter. The shot was too hard and inaccurate, going off the green again. I needed to chip back on and with a single putt ended up with an 8. Considering where I had positioned myself after just two shots this was an utter waste of a good approach.

Yet another muffed tee shot on the 5th left me tapping out from under a tree with my putter. The next 8-iron was pin high but off the left of the green. I pitched on but then over-read the hill, putting well past the pin. I needed two more putts to get down for a blobbed 7.

I had a decent length tee shot on the 6th but it went left onto the bank. A clean hybrid shot off the bank left me a 50 yard pitch to the green and two putts for a nett par 5.

A good tee shot followed by another of about the same length (each 150 yards) left me with a 9-iron pitch onto the 7th. Two putts for a nett birdie 5.

Another poor tee shot on the 8th, followed by a very poor second left me a lot to do. The third wasn't unfortunately a lot better but the fourth shot got me to within pitching range. I pitched on and two-putted for a nett bogey 7.

I had my best tee shot of 173 yards on the 9th. I obviously needed the previous eight holes to warm up! Two decent hybrids followed leaving me a pitch of about 80 yards. I was fine for distance but went off the left the green. I putted on and left myself a fairly simple finishing putt for a nett par 6.

So it was the usual mix of poor shots interspersed with occasional touches of near brilliance. Today I was the most disappointed with the number of poor shots off the tee. Invariable my second shot was good and if only I could have got away from the tee cleanly things would have panned out better. What I can't understand is how I keep messing up the tee shot with my 20 degree hybrid only to take the second with the same club and send the ball sailing away some 30 to 50 yards further than off the tee. It must be psychological.

The end result was a poor 58 shots and 17 putts, with 11 points. In fact I only blobbed two holes, which was amazing considering I muffed no less than six tee shots.

Here's the sorry summary on the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 08 June 2017

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