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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 09/04/16

On Saturday I played in a friendly club competition. It was mixed pairs and my playing partner was one of Helen's friends who had wanted to play but didn't have a partner, so I obliged. It was Stableford better-ball, meaning that we took the score of the player in the pair who recorded the highest Stableford points for each hole. Unfortunately we were required to play to 90% of our normal handicap, and as I play off an entirely unrealistic 24, which I've never managed to play to, this meant I was reduced to 22. In other words there were only four holes where I benefitted from two additional strokes, the remainder only giving me one. This meant that to score I was limited to a maximum of two over par on most holes. Much easier said than done. My partner, Wendy, was playing off 35, this having been reduced to 33. You won't be surprised to hear, therefore, that she did most of the scoring. Out of our total of 35 I only contributed 4, these being holes that she blobbed.

Early rain had cleared and after a grey period it turned out really nice. It was in fact a very pleasant day.

I started well on the 1st with a reasonable drive that stayed on the fairway. It's always good to get off well. After two good hybrid shots I put the third on the bank to the right, where it landed in rutted ground. My first attempt out failed but the next was good and left me with a shortish putt for a gross 7. That was one point but Wendy did better.

The second was a disaster. The drive went into the trees to the left and my first attempt to chip out onto the fairway didn't go anywhere, the next one achieving the objective. Unfortunately my next shot was over-cooked and ended up on the bank at the back of the green. A mediocre chip was followed by two unsuccessful putts, at which point I picked up.

The third was better with my hybrid tee shot landing just short of the green. I putted on and then two-putted for a gross 4. After a long drive on the 4th I put the next one too far right into the trees, from where I chipped out sideways. It then took me two more shots to get on the green and two putts to get down for a gross 7, a nett bogey. On the 5th I landed in the right-hand bunker, chipped out short and then chipped on followed by a single putt for a gross 4 - nett par.

The 6th was one of the holes where my score counted for our team (I can't remember the other). I was on the green for two and two putted for a gross par, nett birdie. The 7th and 8th each ended with a gross 6, nett par. The 9th started very well with a long drive followed by a long hybrid. Unfortunately the next shot was muffed and the following one ended up on the dreaded bank to the right, from where I sliced into the edge of the lake. I picked up as I had already passed a scoring total.

The 10th similarly started well with a good drive followed by a good hybrid. The next hybrid was a duff and after that I put the following shot in the right hand bunker. I played out clean but needed to chip on. I picked up after missing the first putt. On the 11th I had one bad hybrid shot on the approach but was nevertheless at the edge of the green for 4, followed by a chip and a putt for a gross 6.

The 12th started with a superb drive that had a slight draw (a very rare event for me) leaving me only about 105 yards from the green. I was long with the next shot and in trying to play back on with a 9-iron, I stubbed the ground for a wasted shot. The next one made it but with two putts that was a gross 6, wasting the good drive. On the 13th I overshot the green with my fourth shot and was short with my chip back. I putted on and then single-putted for a gross 7.

I was in the trees to the right on the 14th and it took me three more shots from there to reach the green. I picked up after two putts. The 15th was a bit sad as I topped my drive sending it only 67 yards. Despite this I was at the back of the green for five on this long par 5. But having chipping on I picked up after one putt as Wendy scored higher. On the 16th I chipped on from the base of the elevated green where my 5-wood had landed, and then two-putted for a gross 4 - net par.

A long drive on the 17th followed by a hybrid that just cleared the large bunker that protects almost the entire width of the green set me up for an easy chip. A good putt left me with a 'gimmie' but I picked up as Wendy had already matched my score. The 18th followed the now established pattern of good drive followed by good hybrid, the following 8-iron leaving me just off the green. I putted on and then two-putted for a gross 6, but Wendy parred it - no contest.

Against my normal handicap I scored 20 points, which to be honest is about normal. There were some good shots, my drives were reasonably consistent, approach irons weren't too bad, but the mistakes were still there, and that's what sinks the round.

There's no scorecard for this round as I picked up on a number of holes.

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