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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 09/08/18

After the long hot dry spell, today rain was forecast. The right decision would have been to watch the rain out of the window and feel good about its beneficial effect on our very sad looking garden. But we took a gamble and went to play golf. It was already raining lightly as we teed off, although it felt quite refreshing after weeks of blistering temperatures. But on the 7th the promised heavy rain arrived, and the 8th and 9th proved to be a struggle. I should have walked in!

My clean drive on the 1st was followed by a terrible hybrid shot that put me into the trees on the left. I managed to get out through the trees with a low 6-iron and then put my next hybrid shot onto the green. Two putts for a nett par was a welcome recovery from a shaky start. But on the 2nd my drive hit the conifer on the left and dropped under it, close to the trunk. All I could do was knock the ball out a few yards with the putter. To avoid the ditch to the right I then put a low 6-iron along the tree line, a shot that exceeded my expectations. All I then needed to do was pitch about 50 yards to the green, but I managed to go left into the bunker. I got out but still needed a chip on, followed by two putts for a blobbed 8.

The 3rd redeemed things a bit. After a hybrid tee shot I chipped on and two-putted for a nett birdie 4. The drive went left on the 4th into light rough. From there I hit a good 6-iron of 160 yards, leaving me about 120 yards from the pin. From there I found the long grass to the left of the green. After two practice swings, that were impeded by the heavy grass, I then was too strong with the actual shot taking me to the far side of the green. A chip back on and a putt for a nett par 6, but disappointment after reaching the side of the green in 3.

My hybrid on the 5th was just off the left of the green, and my 8-iron 'putt-on' left me with an easy putt for a par 3, nett birdie. On the 6th I sliced the drive and was fortunate that the ball ran down off a bank. My 6-iron was then heavy but the next pitching wedge got me to the right of the green. An 8-iron chip and two putts for a nett bogey 6. A drive and two clean irons on the 7th got me on the green. I then wasted this approach with three putts for a nett par 6. It was now raining heavily.

My hands slipped on the wet grip as I drove the 8th, the ball going into the right-side rough. I then pushed a 4-iron, again struggling for grip, the ball disappearing into a conifer. The tree was water-laden, with branches right down to the ground, so I made no attempt to break into it to find the ball. I dropped and hit another poor iron shot. The next was better for length but found the right-side bunker. Out in one, I still needed a chip on, and then two putts. So that was a blobbed 9! At this point I was wet and annoyed at playing so badly.

The 9th wasn't much better. A good drive was followed by a poor iron that went left, leaving me to hit over trees. This I did but it only took me forward about 50 yards. The next iron was again poor, going right and once more leaving me with trees to the front. Once again my iron shot was poor, leaving me another pitch to reach the green. Two putts made it an 8, and another blob.

The final two holes were a struggle, the heavy rain making it difficult to keep the club grips and my hands dry. In the end I just gripped more firmly, but this affects how you play. It was a 56 with 17 putts and 13 points, which is not unusual for me. But I was disappointed with the final two holes, since before the heavy rain arrived, bar the 2nd, I felt I had been playing quite well.

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Scorecard - 09 August 2018

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