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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 09/02/16

Yet another erratic round of golf. A disastrous start, after which I settled down a bit, only to fall apart again on the last two holes of the front nine. The back nine was a lot better, not brilliant, but better. After yesterday's tempest the weather was very kind. There were long spells of sunshine that were quite warming, although the breeze was still there, and it was freshening as we played the back nine.

My tee shot on the 1st was an inelegant miss-hit that sent the ball almost directly to the right into the trees, and out of bounds. So 3 off the tee and the second attempt went into the trees on the left, but at least it covered some distance before so doing. Trying to keep the ball low with my 7-iron, I completely fluffed the shot, although the ball ended up in a better position from where I played out of the trees and up the fairway, but I was now on 5. I got on the green for 7 but three-putted for 10. As I said, a disastrous start.

The tee shot on the 2nd clipped a tree on the left, and just dropped. Nevertheless I was on the green for 4 and two-putted for 6.

After a nett par on the 3rd I started the 4th well, being 80 yards from the green for 3 on what is indexed as the most difficult hole on the course. Unfortunately a shanked shot ruined the party and by the time I had recovered I ended up with a two-putt 7.

A 'head up' chip on the 5th turned a possible 4 into a gross 5, but the 6th and 7th were both nett pars.

The 8th went really pear-shaped, and it was all down to one bad decision. My second shot that was really motoring caught an outlying branch of a tree on the left, and deflected back into the trees. Instead of taking a lateral safety shot I tried to play forward and hit a tree hard, deflecting the ball further into the trees. I then had a much more difficult shot even for safety, and I hit a tree again. Finally on the third attempt I was out, but was now on 5 and no further forward than I would normally be for 2. Although I then managed to get on the green for 7, three putts gave me my second 10 of the round.

The par 5, 9th went well until I put my 4th shot on the bank on the right among the trees. A hopeless shot went nowhere, and although the next attempt got me on the green, three putts put me on 9.

So it was 62 out - absolutely shocking.

The back nine wasn't anywhere near as bad, fortunately. The 10th wasn't brilliant but I was a bit unlucky when my 4th shot hit the front of the green, but instead of running on, made a deep pitch mark and actually bounced back off the green. An off-green putt followed by two more gave me a 7.

A nett par on the 11th was followed by a not-so-good attempt at the 12th. The tee shot was poor and although I was in a position to get on the green for 4, an iffy iron meant I needed another pitch, and two putts left me a with a gross 7.

A gross 4 on the 13th followed by gross 5 on the 14th weren't too bad. On the long 15th I was in a good position to be on the green for 4, which is good for me in winter conditions. Unfortunately I found the right-hand bunker, from where I needed two to get on the green. With two putts I ended up with a gross 8, which wasn't too bad, but it could so easily have been a 5 or 6.

I nett parred the 16th, 17th and 18th so at least finished on a relative high.

The three high-scoring holes on the front nine did for me today, costing me probably 7 shots over what would be my usual scores on these holes. I also had three holes that I three-putted on the front nine, which again didn't help, although on the 5th my chip clipped the hole, as did my return putt, so the 5 could have so easily been a 3. Yet again the difference between a handicap matching round and what I actually scored boils down to some readily identifiable mistakes, and some bad judgement.

Sometimes I think that trying to improve your golf when you're 68 is a losing battle, as at that age even golfers who have been good often find themselves going backwards, so to speak. So what chance is there for me to get better? Nice to end on a philosophical thought.

Here's the game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 09 February 2016

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