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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 09/02/17

A very cold day, and after some very poor performances lately it was touch and go whether I would play today. But it was dry and I'm not one to give in that easily.

We played as a two-ball, which meant things moved along quite swiftly. A careful tee shot on the 1st almost crept into the ditch but stopped short. I got it out of the rough with my 5-iron, setting me up for a fairway shot, but I miss-hit it and was again in the rough, this time across the path. A good 5-iron clearance put me back into play but I then sliced my hybrid losing the ball in the right hand ditch. After a penalty drop I pitched a 9-iron shot on the green but needed two putts for a 9. Not a good start.

Keeping left on the 2nd I clipped the edge branches of a tree, the ball dropping to the fairway underneath. The next hybrid went right leaving me a pitch over the bunker, which for safety was long. I had to putt back from just off the green, but then single putted for a nett par 5. A bit better.

The tee shot on the 3rd was awful, ending up behind conifers to the left. I managed a low 8-iron out, putting me off the green to the right. An 8-iron chip left me with a gettable putt, which would have been a good result given the poor approach, but in fact I needed two putts for a nett bogey 5.

The 4th was a disappointment. After three hybrids I was only 20 yards from the green: quite an achievement on this hole. I then put the chip long, needed to chip back, and then three-putted for a bogey 8. A terrible waste of a good approach.

For a change I had a very clean hybrid tee shot on the 5th, which actually put me just off the back of the green. A chip on and two putts for a nett par 4.

After a poor tee shot on the 6th, a 5-iron out of the rough added 140 yards and left me with a pitch to the green. Unfortunately I 'dug-in' on the first attempt and was still a bit short with the second. A 7-iron chip and two putts left me with a bogey 7, disappointing after the good second shot.

Another poor tee shot on the 7th was followed by a couple of reasonable hybrids. But again the 8-iron pitch was woefully short. The following 9-iron landed on the green but three putts left me with a blobbed 8.

Amazingly things started to improve on the 8th. Three reasonable hybrids left me about 65 yards from the green and this time the 9-iron was good enough to give me a single putt for a nett birdie 5.

Dare I hope that the 9th would also play out well? The tee shot wasn't long but it was straight. The following two hybrids were also on target, leaving me about 80 yards from the pin. A clean 8-iron set me up for a possible par, although it was a long putt. Unfortunately as it slowed the ball deviated just before the hole, leaving a tap in for a nett birdie 6.

The final score was 57, which after a bad start and some high-scoring holes wasn't too bad. Two nett birdies also meant I managed 11 points. Hardly earth-shattering but better than I expected earlier in the round. My confidence has been renewed somewhat.

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Scorecard - 09 February 2017

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