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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 09/03/17

A glorious sunny day albeit with a fresh westerly wind that caused a few problems. Also the course wasn't too busy, which was a surprise. After some very mediocre play over the past couple of months, today started off well and at one point I thought I might even complete 9 holes in nett par. But, as they say, I fell at the last.

My tee shot on the 1st wasn't a great start as it went into the left side trees. Fortunately it ran through to a more open patch from where I could get a decent shot, but I didn't strike the ball well and only added 65 yards. The next hybrid was, however, very well hit, taking me forward 164 yards from where I put the next shot just off the green for 4. I putted on and two-putted for a nett par 7.

The 2nd started the same as on my last outing, the ball being taken by the strong left-to-right wind and ending up in the water filled ditch. I took a penalty drop and played a solid shot off the sloping bank that stopped just short of the right bunker. A pitch over with my 9-iron and a single putt rescued a nett par 5, not bad with a penalty.

On the short 3rd I hit nearly 170 yards with my 20 degree hybrid, about as far as I can get with that club. I was off the back of the green from where I chipped short with my 9-iron. Two putts for a nett par 4.

The 4th can be a killer hole but today a 154 yard tee shot followed by a 150 yard second, both with the 20 degree hybrid, left me about 115 yards from the pin. I was just short and putted on, two more putts giving me a nett par 6.

The short 5th was into the strong headwind and my tee shot was a bit high, landing about 50 yards from the pin. A sweet 9‑iron out of long grass put me on the green from where I two-putted for a nett par 4. Things were going very well!

I went left on the 6th, which often happens, but didn't quite make the bank. Playing out of light rough on even ground I put the next shot about 30 yards from the pin. I then miss-hit my 8-iron attempting a chip-and-run, putting me on the green but needing a very long putt. It took two, for a nett par 5.

The wind was starting to affect distances and on the 7th I was still 90 yards out after three shots. However, I managed a good 8-iron to the green and two-putted for a nett par 6.

The 8th saw my first real mistake. After a tee shot straight down the middle I miss-hit my hybrid, the ball going obliquely left where it solidly hit a tree and rebounded over to the 7th approach. I went for a bold shot over the lake and trees that came off, leaving me the possibility of still getting on for 4. Unfortunately after that good shot my next was awful, gaining me only 70 yards. I put the next 9‑iron shot on the green but needed two putts for a nett bogey 7, my first dropped point.

With a good 9th I could have still produced a par round, but a 'head-up' miss off the tee sent the ball a mere 15 yards. The next two hybrid shots weren't bad but we were now playing into a strong headwind so the distances were less than normal. Then the next hybrid skewed right leaving me to play over a tree to reach the green. I tried a bold 8-iron but it didn't come off, the ball going along the ground to the left. Now on 5, I really needed to put the next 9-iron on the green, but I didn't. A 7‑iron chip-and-run and two putts left me with a blobbed 9, a very disappointing end to an otherwise good round.

The final score was 53 and 15 points, with 17 putts. Despite the sad ending I was pleased with my play today. My only really bad tee shot was on the 9th and although a few of my fairway hybrids were a bit heavy, generally speaking I was quite happy.

And my Game Golf system worked today after failing to download the data last time. Here's the scorecard.

Scorecard - 09 March 2017

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