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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 09/05/17

I played with Helen and two of her friends today and for simplicity played off the red tees. A cloudy windy start, with a bit of a chill, but the wind moderated and although it remained cloudy it became a lot warmer.

My tee shot on the 1st was a ground-hugger but still managed 134 yards. The second went to the right into light rough but the third was long at 152 yards, fortunately coming to rest to the left of the green where the slope can easily put you in the bunker. A chip on with the pitching wedge and two putts for a nett par 6.

Another ground hugger off the second tee only made 109 yards. The second was good for length but ended up in the left side bunker. A sand wedge out was short of the green, so I chipped again with the same club and two-putted for a nett bogey 6.

Off the red tee the 3rd isn't much more than 100 yards, but I went right and had to chip up from low ground. A small stick under the ball may have contributed to a thinned pitching wedge sending me over the green. I pitched back on and single putted for a nett birdie 4. I now get two-shots on this hole since they revised the hole index, which is really ridiculous even off the yellow tee.

The 4th let me down again today. I found the fairway bunker with my tee shot, the ball coming to rest right up the front face, just under the grass lip. I was surprised to get it out but only made just over 30 yards with the sand wedge. The next hybrid was well placed but I then shanked the 9-iron leaving me another pitch to the green. Two putts resulted in a blobbed 8.

The 5th was better, the tee shot being just off the left of the green. A pitch and two putts for a nett par 4.

A long tee shot on the 6th off the red tee left me a 9-iron pitch to the green but I pushed it along the ground and needed another pitch to get on. Two putts for a nett par 5 that could easily have been a 4.

I had a really good 188 yard 5-wood off the tee on the 7th but my next was a bit thick leaving me an 8-iron pitch that was just short of the green. I putted on and single-putted for a nett birdie 5.

The 8th didn't go as well. My tee shot curved right and ended up on the bank close to trees. Trying to avoid going too far left, the ball actually hit the tree front right and rebounded back onto the fairway. I again put the next shot right and was once more close to trees. I managed to avoid them this time with a low 7-iron. My pitch was off the left of the green, requiring another short pitch on, a single putt giving me a nett bogey 7.

My tee shot on the 9th went left and came to rest in trees, again, behind a small conifer. I had no forward visibility but managed to hit a ground-hugging 7-iron under the conifer branches. It skipped through the edge of the fairway bunker and came to rest in a perfect position on the fairway. A bit of luck. I hit a longish hybrid that again curved right but avoided trouble. My pitch was long and crossed the green, from where I putted back on and single-putted for a nett par 6: not too bad a finish.

I finished with a 51 and only 13 putts, which helped a lot. The 4th again spoilt the round. I had 15 stableford points but playing off the red tees negates the score for recording purposes.

Again I had some good shots but a couple off the tee were poor, as were a few of the iron shots. After some of the slow play experienced recently on the course, today was far more enjoyable in that a ladies' four ball in front didn't hold us up and the pair behind were playing so slow that we weren't in their way.

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Scorecard - 09 May 2017

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