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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 09/11/17

I'm a bit late with this report because I've been a bit tied up with other things since I went out last Thursday. It was a chilly day but with hardly any wind, making conditions quite favourable. The spiked greens had settled down a bit, and while still somewhat unpredictable, they weren't as bad as on previous occasions. I managed to avoid high scores on both the 1st and the 9th, which have been my nemesis recently. This made for a much more consistent round but interestingly my score was identical to that on the previous Monday, even though my game 'felt' better.

A longish drive on the 1st left me in the rough just off the fairway. My 4-iron out wasn't bad, but the next 4-iron was enormous at just under 160 yards, leaving me a 25 yard pitch to the green for 4. The putt was longish and I needed a second for a nett par 6.

Another good drive on the 2nd stayed out of trouble. My 7-iron wasn't so good, skewing left and stopping short of the bunker. It should have made the green. I then pitched badly and needed to putt on from the front of the green, followed by two more putts for a nett bogey 6. It should have been two shots better than that.

The tee was well back on the par 3, 3rd, so I took the driver and a 170 yard strike put me on the green. Unfortunately 3 putts gave me a 4, which is however a nett birdie since this hole was re-indexed.

After a reasonable drive on the 4th, and a well-judged 6-iron short of the lake, I then pushed a 7-iron shot right, the ball hitting a tree on the bank and ricocheting sharp right out-of-bounds. I took a penalty, and another shot, this time placing the ball about 25 yards short of the green. A pitch on and one putt gave me a nett bogey 7, including the penalty stroke for the OOB shot.

Once again I took the driver on the short 5th, and again I made the green. And again I three-putted, this time for a nett par 4.

My drive was good for direction on the 6th, where I often go left, but not too long. I then pulled a 5-iron left to just short of the bunker. A fluffed chip left me with another chip on, and then two putts for a nett bogey 6. Another wasted shot.

The 7th was really the only hole where I feel I made a real mess of things. The drive went right and I tried to loft a 5-iron over trees but dug in badly, the ball ending up nearer the trees. I then did much the same with an 8-iron, these two shots only adding 50 yards between them. A 4-iron got me back into play, followed by a lovely 7-iron that put me on the green for 5 after wasting those two shots on the way. I needed two putts but with a nett bogey 7 still managed to pick up a point.

The 8th was slightly less dramatic. After a good drive I hit a long 4-iron. I then tried for the green with my 6-iron but didn't strike the ball cleanly. My pitch was then short, the second attempt getting me on the green, where with one putt I made a nett par 6.

And so to the 9th, a hole that can ruin an otherwise good 9-holes. The drive was safe, avoiding the lake to the right and the bunker to the left. The following 4-iron wasn't long but again stayed safe. I then was heavy on the 5-iron, leaving me a way from the green. A 6-iron nearly got me there, needing a putt on and a single putt to finish with a nett par 6. Getting a 6 on the 1st and 9th was gratifying.

Holes 1 and 9 - 09 November 2017

The final tally was 52 strokes and 17 putts, with 15 points. It was obvious where I dropped shots; the penalty on the 4th, two poor irons on the 7th, and a few wayward hits. But I didn't blob a hole, which is unusual, and this made the round feel better than recently, even though the final scores were identical to the previous Monday.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 09 November 2017

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