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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 09/10/18

The beautiful autumn weather continues and today I played with my wife and her friends, teeing off the red tees to be sociable. I actually had quite a good round and if it wasn't for a complete disaster on the 2nd, things would have been even better. My driving was very consistent, and I putted reasonably well, but I again let myself down with some very poor iron shots.

Things couldn't have started better as I was on the green for 3 on the 1st, and two-putted for a par. This made what happened on the 2nd all the more galling. My drive found the ditch because of a combination of my shot and a strongish cross-wind. I dropped but then hit a 7-iron that nearly put me back in the ditch again. It left me with the bunker between me and the green, and my very positive attempt to clear the bunker sent the ball across the green and under a bush, from where I needed to take another drop. I thinned the chip, sending the ball back across the green and off again. I then thinned another chip again sending the ball back across the green. A putt on and one more putt gave me 7 strokes, plus two penalties for a 9!

Fortunately after this things settled down a bit. I took a 4 on the 3rd and then started the 4th with what for me was an exceptional drive. At 209 yards, even allowing for some wind assist, it was 20-30 yards longer than average. I followed it with a hybrid shot that was just short of the green, chipped on and two-putted for a 5. My hybrid tee shot on the 5th was topped and ran along the ground, albeit for some 85 yards. I pitched short but then chipped on and two-putted for a 5. My drive went right on the 6th, leaving me an awkward shot obstructed by a tree in front and the large willow nearer the green. I tried to hit a low 6-iron but lofted it, taking a small branch off the nearest tree, the ball landing in a bunker. I got out and then pitched on, a single putt giving me a welcome 5 after all the drama.

The 7th was my only really bad drive, topping the ball and only making just over 60 yards. A couple of hybrids recovered the situation but I then thinned a pitching wedge sending the ball to the bank on the far side of the green. I chipped back on and two-putted for 7. The 8th started better but after a drive and hybrid shot I was well short with my 8-iron. I chipped on but then three-putted for another 7. I again had two decent starting shots on the 9th, but then was heavy with my 6-iron trying to loft a long shot over trees. I in fact needed two more shots to get on the green and two-putted for yet another 7, although the 9th is a par 5.

I came in off the front nine with 54 and 17 putts. I didn't calculate points as I was playing off the red tees.

The 10th again started well but, once again, after two good starting shots it took me three more to get on the green. Two putts for another 7. I had a good drive on the 11th and then almost made the green with my second, but the ball arced right into the bunker. I got out but was still short of the green, chipping on and single-putting for a welcome 5. I found the trees driving off on the 12th but managed a clean 6-iron out that left me a pitch to the green, and two putts for another 5. I was just off the green for 3 on the 13th, putting on and single putting for my third 5 in a row. Things had certainly improved, although the success masked some less than good iron shots.

On the 14th I went right, leaving me on a bank from where I hit a 7-iron that was good for distance but right of the green. I pitched short then chipped on and two-putted for a 6. I had a good drive on the long 15th but the following two hybrid shots weren't so good. I nevertheless then had a pitch to the green, which ran off the back. I chipped on and two-putted for 7. My hybrid shot into the wind was well short on the par 3, 16th. I chipped up to the elevated green and two-putted for 4.

My second shot on the 17th found the lateral bunker that protects about 80% of the approach to the green. I played a perfect shot out with my gap wedge and two-putted for 5. My finish down the 18th was scrappy. My second shot was short and although I then pitched on, I was a long way from the pin. My putt was far too strong and I missed the back putt, needing three to put the ball down. Always embarrassing in front of an audience outside the clubhouse.

But I came in on 50, again with 17 putts, making it 104 in total with 34 putts. Although this was quite satisfying, it disguised quite a lot of shots that were far from good, and the round felt less good than the score tended to suggest.

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Scorecard - 09 October 2018

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