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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 10/08/16

I've had a terrible cough and a bit of a raised temperature over the past week and I missed my normal Monday game. Today Helen suggested that I come along with her and although I still felt a bit under the weather I decided to give it a try. It was breezy and a bit chilly to start with but soon warmed up, the wind being a bit troublesome on some holes.

I had 20 balls on the range before teeing off. The driver was occasionally slicing but the 5-wood was going very well. This fact influenced my game after the disastrous 4th.

My drive on the 1st was exemplary, well for me at least - 198 yards down the middle of the fairway. This was followed by an exceptional 5-wood, which added 201 yards. I then put a 9-iron shot on the green for 3 on this par 5 - what a start. Unfortunately the pin was at the back of the green and I was at the front, and my putt was well short as I didn't allow for the slight upslope. It took two more putts for a disappointing 6, although it was a nett par.

My hybrid off the tee on the 2nd went 154 yards but I then put the next hybrid shot in the right hand bunker. As the sand was shallow and very firm I tried to pick the ball out with my gap wedge but it caught the lip. The second attempt got me out but still off the green. I putted on and then putted in for 6, a nett bogey.

I took a hybrid off the tee on the 3rd but it drifted right into the bunker. The sand wedge got me out but not onto the green. A gap wedge chip and two putts gave me a 5, although the first putt stopped literally only an inch from the hole. Another nett bogey.

The 4th was a total disaster. My drive sliced right, possibly helped a bit by the wind. The ball was under a conifer and all I could do was tap it out with the putter. I then hit a hybrid, which left me too close to the lake to lay up, but far enough away to make a mess of things, which I did. The next shot went right into the trees, kicking further right and landing in deep grass at the foot of a tree. A 9-iron got it out but only a few yards and I still needed to play through the trees. A somewhat lucky 7-iron achieved this but I was still a pitch from the green. My 8-iron was a short and I putted on, overdoing it and going well past the hole. Two more putts to get down left me with a 10 and the round effectively over as far as getting a good score was concerned.
Hole 6 - 10 August 2016
Just to show what a frustrating game golf is, I then parred the 5th after putting a hybrid shot just short of the green, chipping on with my 9-iron and single putting. On the 6th I teed off with my 5-wood, the driver having been put in the sin bin. At 154 yards it wasn't that much shorter than an average driver shot. I then lofted my 27 degree hybrid over the large willow tree to be on the green for 2. My first putt almost went in but I was quite happy with a par 4 after my second putt. So following the disastrous 4th, two pars.

I again drove off with my 5-wood on the 7th. The next 5-wood wasn't so good, scuttling along the ground for around 100 yards but the following one put me right of the green. I slowed down on my gap wedge shot causing it to go only a few yards and followed it with a gentle 9-iron chip, then two putts for 7, a nett bogey.

My 5-wood off the tee on the 8th went 181 yards and was followed by another of 165 yards, leaving me only about 100 yards from the green. I put an 8-iron shot on the green and two-putted for 5, a nett birdie. On the 9th I got under the ball with my 5-wood lofting it high and short. The next 5-wood was better, as was the following one although it ended up dangerously close to the trees on the right. I thinned the 8-iron, the ball ending up off the back of the green. A chip and two putts for a 7 gave me a nett bogey.

The 4th ruined the round but with 53 and 15 points I've had a lot worse. The two pars after the meltdown on the 4th were certainly encouraging. I shall continue with the 5-wood off the tee and may try the 3-wood, although in the past it hasn't been that predictable.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 10 August 2016

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